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Every other mamaluke on the planet is making their predictions for the 2014 MLB season, so I figured why not post mine?  I will obviously use this blog as proof when I get something right and completely ignore when I get something dead wrong.  Without further ado, here are my predictions for the winners of the 2014 Major League Baseball season. (more…)


One of my favorite bets to make is an over or under for a team’s total wins.  For those who do not know, casinos will set a number for the total amount of regular season wins for each Major League team.  You can then bet whether a team will go over or under that total.  If you truly believe a team is better or worse than expected, you can make some money while rooting for a bet all season.  Granted, this type of bet is risky due to injury and all the other unknowns that factor into a whole season.  But it gives you written proof in case you ever want to tell your friends “I told you so”. (more…)



What can beat a giant gator, a husky, a bear, and a man with a musket in a fight to the death?  Sparty can.  Now can Izzo and the boys bring back the “other” title to East Lansing?

So I know that Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown a few years ago, has made the playoffs the last two seasons, yada yada yada.  But anyone who doesn’t think that Mike Trout is the best overall player in baseball needs to get their brain fixed immediately.  Miggy is 30 years old, a butcher in the field, and will likely be buying a bigger sized wardrobe throughout the life on the contract.  Meanwhile, Mike Trout is 22 years old, which means he is likely five years or so away from his peak.

A look into Trout’s future house once he signs his big contract:


BTW, this is just ludicrous:


The Fantasy Report



Once the fantasy baseball and football seasons roll around, I get bombarded with trade, lineup, and waiver questions from my friends.  While I don’t mind giving out advice, I think it is better to get a wider array of opinions when making a big move.  The people at Trade Debate have come up with a real good-looking website that easily allows users to create a poll for a trade, start/bench, or waiver decision that they are thinking of making.  You choose your Sport (MLB, NBA, or NFL), Provider (ESPN, Yahoo, etc.), Scoring (Head to Head, Roto, etc.), Number of Teams, Subtype (Keeper/Non-Keeper/Dynasty), and any other league specific info (PPR in football, AL/NL Only in baseball, or Daily/Weekly Moves in baseball /basketball).  You then choose from a list of players that are in your potential transactions.  You can also supply any other information that may be relevant to making a decision.  Once your are done, the trade is posted and members on the site can choose which option of the trade, start bench,waiver claim is the best option.  Voting is easy and fun, since the subject matter is fantasy sports.  I truly recommend this for anyone looking to make a fantasy move of any sort.

ncaa1 dallas

Michigan State Spartan vs. Tennessee Volunteer

mich-state vols


Tale of the Tape: Well after a bunch of fights between giant animals and mythical creatures, it all comes down to a fight between two humans with weapons.  Can the Spartan use his sword, shield, and rage to take down the Volunteer, or does the musket trumpet all?


Time- Teachers have long sought a foolproof method for holding their students’ attention and discouraging them from acting out. One educator in Belgium seems to have found a solution to that particular problem: revealing Game of Thrones spoilers.

Belgian daily Het Nieuwsblad reports that one math teacher, after confirming his students are fan of the HBO series based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Icenovels, told them he would reveal deaths from the as-yet unreleased seasons of the TV show if they did not remain quiet during class. (Despite growing concerns about Martin’s writing pace, the books — which the Belgian teacher has read — remain ahead of the TV series.)

The tactic is proving effective so far, although one classmate who reads ahead could easily undermine his whole plan. For now, however, the teacher’s approach remains evil and brilliant in equal measures — fitting qualities for a Game of Thrones-based scheme.

We all heard the stories from our parents when we were growing up.  Their teachers would use a paddle or a ruler on them if they misbehaved in class.  However, this is some next level shit.  You can take a couple of hits on the ass and will recover in a few minutes or so.  But to invest 30+ hours of your life to have a show spoiled for you?  That is just COLD BLOODED.