Bracket-Blogogy: Nintendo Deathmatch Tournament Round 1

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament, NES, Uncategorized, Video Games
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With March Madness around the corner, there will soon be a ton of brackets out there in the world.  So I figured this would be the best time to debut one of my favorite games.  On long trips, my buddies and I will name random celebrities, friends, fictional characters, etc. to participate in a deathmatch tournament.  We place all these people in a bracket and vote on who would win.  These tournaments always lead to some fun debates and interesting matchups.  So this will be a new weekly feature on The Clem Report.  Each week I will group 16 competitors together in a tournament and the readers will vote on who wins.  Each day will be a new round based on the previous day’s results.  I will detail the outcome of each match so we know where each fighter stands.  Anyway, here are the rules.


  1. Each matchup is a fight to the death.
  2. Competitors are allowed to bring any item that is generally associated with them.  Example: Batman would have all his gadgets, Link would have his sword, Indiana Jones would have a whip, etc.  The items the fighters have will be noted in the blog.
  3. Each region has a different location chosen at random.  That location can possibly affect the outcome of the match.  Example:  If a shark was placed in a desert, it would have a hard time beating anything in a deathmatch.
  4. Seeding and opening matchups are drawn at random.
  5. Voting determines how injured a victorious competitor is for the next round.  If Darth Vader wins a match 51% to 49%, he is practically on his deathbed for the next fight.  If he wins 99% to 1%, he is basically as healthy as he was entering the fight.
  6. Voting takes place from time the blog is posted until midnight ET that night.
  7. Once a character wins a match, he/she can use whatever items their opponent used in future matches.
  8. Tiebreaker goes to the lowest seed number.
  9. If you have any theories on how you think the results of a match would go, please add them in the comments section.  Bantering is half the fun.

For our first tournament, we will throw it back to the old school.  All competitors are from the original Nintendo Entertainment System.  Without further ado, here is the inaugural Clem Report Deathmatch Tournament (click to zoom in).

NES Deathmatch

On to the matchups…

RBI Field1

Super Mario vs. Paperboy

Tale of the Tape:  We have the plumber who started it all taking on the Paperboy from the game, well, Paperboy.  We will say Mario is “big” after getting a mushroom and the Paperboy has 10 newspapers to use.  They are confined to the RBI Baseball field.

Bill From Contra vs. The Excitebike Racer


Tale of the Tape: Bill has the regular Contra gun with no power ups.  The Excitebike racer has the standard, Excitebike Federation issued dirtbike.  They are confined to the RBI Baseball field.


Mega Man vs. King Hippo


Tale of the Tape: Mega Man comes in with his usual arm cannon and no power-ups.  King Hippo comes in with his boxing attire and known strengths/weaknesses.  Since they are in the Donkey Kong Level 1 region, barrels are falling and hammers/fire are out there as well.

RBI Baseball Nolan Ryan vs. Tecmo Bowl Lawrence Taylor

nol lt1

Tale of the Tape: We have Nolan Ryan with a baseball vs. LT in full pads/helmet.  Both are known to be badasses on the field.   Since they are in the Donkey Kong Level 1 region, barrels are falling and hammers/fire are out there as well.


Samus From Metroid vs. Kirby


Tale of the Tape: Both Samus and Kirby come in with no power ups.  Everything around them is giant size, but they are normal size.

Jimmy From Double Dragon vs. The Duck Hunt Dog


Tale of the Tape: Both Jimmy Lee and the Duck Hunt Dog roll into this battle without any weapons.  Again, everything around them is giant sized while they are normal size.


Link vs. Ice Hockey Fat Player (Team USA)


Tale of the Tape: Link enters the fight with his sword and shield.  The hockey player checks in with helmet, pads, skates, and a hockey stick.  The are confined to the WWF Wrestlemania ring.

Thomas From Kung Fu vs. Ninja Gaiden


Tale of the Tape: Two masters of ancient fighting techniques square off here.  Can Thomas overcome Ryu having a sword in this fight?  The are confined to the WWF Wrestlemania ring.


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