Nintendo Deathmatch Tournament Round 2

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament, NES, Uncategorized, Video Games
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NES Deathmatch

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Nintendo Deathmatch Tournament.  As you can see in the bracket above, the results have been calculated and we have moved to round 2.  Thanks again to everyone who has voted and has spread the word!  Onto the matchups.

RBI Field1

Super Mario vs. Bill From Contra


Tale of the Tape: Our first two matchups in yesterday’s bracket were dominant, shutout wins for Mario and Bill.  Paperboy and the Excitebike Racer were both taken to the wood chipper by these two legendary characters.  Mario is still “Big Mario” after his blowout win, and he now has Paperboy’s bike and 8 newspapers at his disposal.  Bill is fully healthy as well and now has an Excitebike dirtbike to ride.  They are still at the RBI Baseball Field, where the fans probably saw some stuff yesterday that they cannot unsee.


Mega Man vs. Lawrence Taylor


Tale of the Tape: Mega Man had his hands full with ol’ King Hippo, winning a tiebreaker against him.  So he is at 5% health, but has taped up his stomach King Hippo-style.  Lawrence Taylor roles in with about 60% health after his showdown with Nolan Ryan.  LT now has a baseball to go along with his helmet and pads.  They are still in the Donkey Kong Level 1 region, with those little fire bastards starting to fill up the screen.


Samus vs. Jimmy


Tale of the Tape: Both Samus and Jimmy won their fights with relative ease.  Jimmy took a few more shots than Samus, but they are both around the 70% healthy range.  Neither of them acquired any interesting weapons, instead just the corpses of Kirby and the Duck Hunt dog.  I’m not really sure you can do anything all that harmful with those two items.  They are still in Giant world, which in my opinion is easily the best world in the history of Mario Bros.


Link vs. Ninja Gaiden


Tale of the Tape: Both of these warriors withstood their opponents and enter the fight about 75% healthy.  Link was able to get his hands on a hockey stick and an ice skate, while Ninja Gaiden didn’t get anything of use from the Kung Fu hero, Thomas.  With both fighters having swords, who will win this battle to take home the WWF Wrestlemania Ring Regional championship?


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