Nintendo Deathmatch Tournament Final Four

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament, NES, Uncategorized, Video Games
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NES Deathmatch

The votes have been tallied and the competitors have advanced.  We had all four matches come down to either one or two votes, so every fight was a close one.  The rest of the tournament will be held in the Bowser’s Castle Region.  Onto the matches.


Bill vs. Lawrence Taylor

contr lt1

Tale of the Tape: Both men narrowly avoided defeat in the Elite 8, with Bill winning by only two votes and LT winning by one.  These guys are pretty beat down heading into this match in Bowser’s castle.  Not sure how the heat and humidity will affect the outcome.  Oh yeah, and the jumping fireballs.

Jimmy vs. Link


Tale of the Tape: Jimmy had his hands full with Samus while Link snuck by Ninja Gaiden.  Jimmy having access to Samus’ suit and Link having another sword could sway this match.  Who will make it to the finals?


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