Movie Deathmatch Tournament: Round 2

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament, Uncategorized

The opening round is in the books and we move to the Elite 8. The bracket and matchups are below.

movie deathmatch


The Joker vs. Deebo

HeathJoker Deebo

Tale of the Tape: The Joker made very quick work of Wild Thing Ricky Vaughn in their first matchup, while Deebo had only a few minor issues dismantling The Ultimate Male.  These two battle for the right to go to the Final Four, but only one of them will be able to escape Oz in tact.


Forrest Gump vs. Walter Sobchak


Tale of the Tape: The Founder of Bubba Gump Shrimp stood up to Biff Tannen and left him in a pile of manure in The Sandlot, while Walter took quite a beating at the hands of Major Payne but came away with the W and his life.  So who takes it, the fast-footed Forrest or the short-tempered Walter?


Indiana Jones vs. Mr. Miyagi


Tale of the Tape: Indy took care of business pretty quickly against Happy Gilmore and now has a shiny 1 Wood to show for it.  Mr. Miyagi was able to finally kill Jack Sparrow, no easy task.  He now has Captain Jack’s sword by his side in Walley World.


Butch Coolidge vs. Tyler Durden

butch durden

Tale of the Tape: The Boxer with a body count adds another one to his list, taking down Detective John Kimble.  The mysterious head of Fight Club gave Seabass the quick hook in Round 1.  Now these two leather jacket wearing gladiators lay it all on the line in Shawshank State Prison.  Who makes it to the Final Four?


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