Knicks Awarded D-League Team In White Plains, Asking Fans To Pick Name

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Uncategorized


NY Post- The Knicks officially announced Monday the purchase of an NBA D-League team in White Plains that will play at the Westchester County Center beginning in the 2014-15 season. It is the league’s 18th team and will be an exclusive affiliate of the Knicks, who become the seventh team to operate its own D-League franchise. Knicks assistant general manager Allan Houston will serve as the team’s GM. The team will play 24 regular-season home games between November and April, and the 5,000-seat County Center could host six playoff games in April. A coach has yet to be announced. Fans will have the opportunity to pick the team’s name by logging onto to After the online submission process is over, fans can go back to the same site to vote for the final team name.

I love this idea for two reasons.  One, it brings a pro sports team to Westchester County.  Being able to see some sort of professional basketball without going to the city is nice, plus I imagine some D-League games can be relatively exciting.  The second reason is that the fans can name the team.  How do we flood the Knicks with anti-Dolan names?  Or is there a team name that would be a subtle dig at Dolan that they wouldn’t notice until after it’s been announced?  Actually, is there any doubt that Dolan will just end up choosing the name himself?  I can hear it now: “Ladies and gentlemen, your White Plains Straight Shooters”!  What a God damn snake.


  1. […] on lame on lame.  As I said last week, we needed some name to slip through that was a zing at James Dolan.  I guess the Gulag did a good […]

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