Movie Deathmatch Tournament: Final Four

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament, Uncategorized
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movie deathmatch


The Joker vs. Walter Sobchak

HeathJoker sobchak

Tale of the Tape: To kick off the Final Four, we have two crazy SOBs taking the field in Iowa.  The Joker comes in with resounding wins over Ricky Vaughn and Deebo, while Walter squeaked by Major Payne and handily beat Forrest Gump.  Which loose cannon walks into the finals?

Mr. Miyagi vs. Butch Coolidge

miyagi butch

Tale of the Tape: Mr. Miyagi enters the Final Four with two comfortable wins, Jack Sparrow’s sword, and Indiana Jones’ whip.  Butch limps in a little bit with an easy win against John Kimble and a close win against Tyler Durden.  Does Miyagi’s resourcefulness lead to another win or does Butch Coolidge’s watch make it to the championship?


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