The Best NCAA Tournament Pool You Will Ever Play

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament, Uncategorized

ncaa draft

With the Conference Tourneys heating up, it is time to start thinking about gambling on the NCAA Tourney.  When I was in college, I was introduced to the greatest NCAA pool ever.  You need to have either 4, 8, or 16 participants to play.  If you have 4 people, each person gets 16 teams.  8 people= 8 teams.  And 16 people= 4 teams.  You pick a draft order and conduct a typical snake draft, except instead of drafting players you draft teams in the tournament.  If you are drafting before the Play-In Games, each Play-In Game matchup is drafted by itself.  So for example: If LaSalle and Boise St. play in a Play-In game, the person who drafts them gets whoever wins the game.  There are no points for winning/covering the Play-In games however.  Scoring starts once The Round of 64 begins.  The rules are below and I have created a sample Google Doc of what the scoring sheet should look like.  Whoever is Commissioner of the league will have to look up the spreads each morning and then calculate the points at night.  It is a little bit of work, but worth it.  If you have any questions, email me at TheClemReport [at] gmail dot com.  Enjoy the madness!

4/8/16 people in the league
16/8/4 teams per person
Typical snake draft
Spreads lock when sheets are sent out in the morning (usually around 11:00 AM ET) from
Play-in games do not count for points.
Scoring System:
0 Points= Lose the game and do not cover the spread
1 Point= Lose the game but cover the spread as the underdog
2 Points= Win the game, but do not cover the spread as the favorite
3 Points= Win the game and cover the spread as the favorite
4 Points= Win the game as the underdog
Neither team gets points for covering the spread if it’s a push
Most points at the end of the tournament wins.  Tie breaker= Split pot equally.

This is what the Standings/Team page will look like.

Manager Points Teams Alive
Steve 38 0
Kevin 31 0
Mike 31 0
Tom 27 1
Andrew 27 0
Tom 24 0
Jim 15 0
Chris 12 0
Tom Jim Mike Andrew
Louisville Indiana Miami Kansas
Wisconsin St. Louis New Mexico Michigan
Butler VCU Memphis Kansas State
Villanova Belmont Minnesota Bucknell
NC State Cincinnati North Carolina Iowa State
Colorado Oklahoma Wichita State Missouri
LaSalle California New Mexico State Valparaiso
North Carolina A&T James Madison Western Kentucky Southern
Kevin Chris Tom Steve
Florida Gonzaga Ohio State Duke
Syracuse Marquette Georgetown Michigan State
Creighton UCLA Arizona UNLV
Illinois Oklahoma State Pittsburgh Oregon
St. Mary’s Notre Dame San Diego State Temple
Ole Miss Akron Colorado State Davidson
South Dakota State Montana Northwestern State Florida Gulf Coast
Iona Albany Harvard Pacific

Team Eliminated

And this is what the games list will look like each day after the games are over.

Favorite Spread Underdog Result
Michigan State 10.5 Valparaiso Michigan State by 11
Butler 4 Bucknell Butler by 12
Pittsburgh 3.5 Wichita State Wichita State by 18
St. Louis 9.5 New Mexico State St. Louis by 20
Memphis 1.5 St. Mary’s Memphis by 2
Marquette 4 Davidson Marquette by 1
Gonzaga 22.5 Southern Gonzaga by 6
Oklahoma State 1.5 Oregon Oregon by 13
Louisville 26.5 North Carolina A&T Louisville by 31
Michigan 11.5 South Dakota State Michigan by 25
Arizona 4.5 Belmont Arizona by 17
UNLV 3 California California by 3
Missouri 2.5 Colorado State Colorado State by 12
VCU 7.5 Akron VCU by 46
New Mexico 10 Harvard Harvard by 6
Syracuse 13 Montana Syracuse by 47

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