Do You Remember: The Game Show Classic Concentration

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Game Shows, TV
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I am not exaggerating when I say that Classic Concentration is the most underrated game show of all time.  A game of Memory + a word puzzle + actual good prizes = Best game show ever.  Then, to top it all off,  Trebek had the stache AND the perm going.  The Quiz Show Canadian was straight up killing it back then.  He probably had to have two bodyguards around at all times just to keep the throngs of groupies away, then another two bodyguards just to keep the original two bodyguards away.  I am not sure how it got lost in the shuffle over the years, but Classic Concentration was incredible.  They could bring this game show back today and beat any TV show in the ratings except for maybe the Super Bowl.  MAYBE.

PS- Wild cards were just incredible.  Every game of every kind should have wild cards.  Hell, fantasy sports should have wild cards somehow incorporated.  Life is always more fun when wild cards are involved.  Tell me you don’t remember that happy feeling in your stomach when you picked up a Wild Card in Uno.  I imagine it’s the feeling that heroin users are chasing at all times.  Anyway, Classic Concentration needs to come back.  Do your black magic, Hollywood.


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