Cereal Character Deathmatch Round 2

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament

We had an interesting first round, with a few blowouts and a few upsets.  As we move on to the Elite 8, we have some real interesting showdowns that can go either way.

Trix Rabbit vs. Dig’em Frog


Tale of the Tape: The Trix Rabbit trounced all over the Cocoa Krispies Monkey, while Dig’em Frog had little trouble taking care of Sugar Bear.  I will now buy Honey Smacks over Golden Crisp, as the voters have spoken.  Can’t go with an inferior mascot when comparing identical cereals.  Anyway, in the finals of the region, the Trix Rabbit and Dig’em Frog go at it in the giant pool of milk.  Can rabbits swim for a prolonged time?  Can a frog actually kill a rabbit?  You decide…


Honey Bee vs. Toucan Sam


Tale of the Tape: I have to admit, I was a little surprised that the Honey Bee and Toucan Sam were able to dominate their matchups in the fashion that they did.  But look at those two faces.  There are some cold blooded killers behind those smiles and empty eyes.  For the throne of the Keebler Tree, who wins?

box factory

Count Chocula vs. The Raisin Bran Sun

chocularaisin bran

Tale of the Tape: The Luck of the Irish did not exist on St. Patrick’s Day for Lucky The Leprachaun, as Count Chocula won a nail biter against the man in green.  The Two Scooping Son of a Sun made it to the next round, crushing Frankenberry.  Does Count Chocula avenge his creepy cereal brethren, or does the Sun march into the semi-finals as a  cartoon mascot version of Van Helsing?

shop rite

Snap, Crackle, and Pop vs. Cookie Crisp Robber

snap crackle popcookie crisp

Tale of the Tape: In perhaps the biggest surprise of the tournament, the three little creepy bastards from Rice Krispies took down Cap’n Crunch.  Oh Cap’n, My Cap’n indeed.  Meanwhile, the Cookie Crisp robber moved up from petty theft to murder in the first degree, eeking out a victory over everyone’s favorite CTC chef, Wendell.  Four fighters go in, who comes out?

  1. James says:

    The Sun has to trounce a vampire. Aren’t vampire’s not able to walk in the face of the sun? Also I’m pretty sure I saw a horror movie with snack crackle and pop in it. Though I may be confusing it with the claymation scene with all the mini Ashes in Army Of Darkness. Either way those guys creep me out.

  2. Jeffrey Picca says:

    I’m appealing to the CCAA. No way way the Captain should have lost to 3 pixes. Did anyone check their eligibility?

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