Knicks Reportedly Interested In Steve Kerr And Tyronn Lue As Next Head Coach

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Basketball, Sports, Uncategorized
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Bleacher Report- Ric Bucher Says Steve Kerr and Tyronn Lue Among Names for Knicks’ Next Coach.  

One of the hottest stories in the league right now is how Phil Jackson will go about rebuilding the New York Knicks.  While current coach Mike Woodson says he’d be happy to coach the triangle offense, Jackson might be looking to make a coaching change this summer.  

So we are between a guy that MJ once smacked up in practice or the guy whose career highlight was getting crossed up and walked over by AI?  So Knicks it hurts.  I wanna believe, I truly do.  But I feel like every time I see Coach Lue on the sidelines, I will see The Answer straight dogging him.

Add in the fact that our owner acts and looks like the owner of The Monstars from Space Jam and I just can’t think rationally about this team anymore.



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