Mike Pelfrey Gets Pranked, Tells You All You Need To Know As A Mets Fan

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Baseball, Mets, Sports
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Ahhh, Big Dumb Mike Pelfrey.  I was finally able to get my blood pressure to drop to a healthy level after putting him and Jason Bay out of my mind.  It seems like just yesterday the Mets needed a boost from the pitching staff and Pelf was standing there, looking like he was ready to break out.  Nope, instead he was inconsistent as hell and helped drive a stake into a few Mets seasons.  And who can forget the first regular season batter in Citi Field history?  Jody f’ing Gerut.  Add in the fond memories of Pelf licking his hands more than Drew Brees, needing a mouth guard to chew on, and having his struggles linked to his shrink somehow dying right before his most important season.  So yeah, this prank makes perfect sense to me.


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