NCAA Mascot Deathmatch Tournament Round 2

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament
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Just like that, we move along to the Elite Eight of our tournament, with some pretty convincing victories by all of the winners.  We will see if Round 2 brings us any nail biters or Cinderellas.




UCLA Bruin vs. Dayton Flyer

ucla daytion

Tale of the Tape: The well-dressed bear made gumbo out of Albert the Alligator, while the Dayton Flyer was able to chop down the Stanford Tree.  Now these two meet for the right to go to Dallas and compete in the Final Four.  Who survives?



Michigan State Spartan vs. UConn Husky

mich-state uconn

Tale of the Tape: The Michigan State Spartan went all Spartan on the Virginia Cavalier, while the Husky took care of the freakishly big and strong Iowa State Cyclone.  Both are blood thirsty creatures, which leaves MSG alive?



San Diego State Aztec vs. Baylor Bear

aztec baylor


Tale of the Tape: In another matchup that surely has occurred in real life at some point, we have the Aztec Warrior taking on the Baylor Bear.  The Bear clearly has the height and weight advantage, but the Aztec has the edge in the brains category.



Kentucky Wildcat vs. Tennessee Volunteer

kentucky-logo vols


Tale of the Tape: The Wildcat won the Battle of Kentucky, while the Volunteer has a nice new wolverine pelt to go along with his raccoon hat.  The fierceness and guile of a wildcat goes against the hunting ability of the Volunteer.  Who makes it out of Indy to see that big ol’ HDTV in Dallas?



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