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NY Daily News- Puff Daddy is back!

Musician and media mogul Sean Combs, who has gone by Sean “Puffy” Combs, P.Diddy and just plain Diddy, announced that he is returning to his old stage name Puff Daddy on Tuesday.

Combs, 44, dropped the name Puff Daddy in 2001. His decision to re-adopt his old name comes just before the release of his first album in four years, “MMM.

Here we go again.  Puffy hasn’t been in the news enough, so he had to change his name again.  And sure, there will be some discussion amongst younger people about the change.  However, I feel like it is older, whiter America that will harp on it, talking to their kids and grandkids about his different names.  Trust me, nothing will make you feel whiter than talking to someone over the age of 40 about the different monikers of Sean Combs.

I personally do not want to hear about another name change, unless he officially switches his name to Dolphin Teeth.  Hate hate hate hate hate hate.

However, I will say this.  The one good thing this whole name changing nonsense has brought is the old Ben Stiller line from the “Bad Boys For Life” music video.  Gets me every time.


We keep on rolling along, with the Final Four of the mascot tournament moving to Cowboys Stadium AKA Jerry’s World.




UCLA Bruin vs. Michigan State Spartan

ucla mich-state

Tale of the Tape: That big bastard of a bear comes marching in after trouncing the Dayton Flyer, while Sparty dismantled the UConn Husky with a shutout.  The Spartan is fierce with his sword, but the bruin is a giant walking bear.  Who wins the first battle in the Final Four?


Baylor Bear vs. Tennessee Volunteer

baylor vols

Tale of the Tape: The Baylor Bear absolutely squeaked out a win against the Aztec Warrior.  In the meantime, the Tennessee Vol made quick work of the Kentucky Wildcat.  Will the Volunteer be able to hunt down this North American Big Game animal?

So this is pretty damn incredible.  You go to the link above, choose any year, and all the pop culture references from that year that were on The Office will appear in a video.  Just another example of how awesome the internet is and how much time some people have on their hands.  Years from now people will wonder how we didn’t cure every disease, figure out world peace, or end hunger.  It is because people were making and watching things like this.  And it’s all worth it.

PS- The Top 5 characters on The Office are Meredith, Jim, Dwight, Michael, and Creed.  In that order.  Yeah I said it.


Ahhh, Big Dumb Mike Pelfrey.  I was finally able to get my blood pressure to drop to a healthy level after putting him and Jason Bay out of my mind.  It seems like just yesterday the Mets needed a boost from the pitching staff and Pelf was standing there, looking like he was ready to break out.  Nope, instead he was inconsistent as hell and helped drive a stake into a few Mets seasons.  And who can forget the first regular season batter in Citi Field history?  Jody f’ing Gerut.  Add in the fond memories of Pelf licking his hands more than Drew Brees, needing a mouth guard to chew on, and having his struggles linked to his shrink somehow dying right before his most important season.  So yeah, this prank makes perfect sense to me.


Bleacher Report- Ric Bucher Says Steve Kerr and Tyronn Lue Among Names for Knicks’ Next Coach.  

One of the hottest stories in the league right now is how Phil Jackson will go about rebuilding the New York Knicks.  While current coach Mike Woodson says he’d be happy to coach the triangle offense, Jackson might be looking to make a coaching change this summer.  

So we are between a guy that MJ once smacked up in practice or the guy whose career highlight was getting crossed up and walked over by AI?  So Knicks it hurts.  I wanna believe, I truly do.  But I feel like every time I see Coach Lue on the sidelines, I will see The Answer straight dogging him.

Add in the fact that our owner acts and looks like the owner of The Monstars from Space Jam and I just can’t think rationally about this team anymore.


Just like that, we move along to the Elite Eight of our tournament, with some pretty convincing victories by all of the winners.  We will see if Round 2 brings us any nail biters or Cinderellas.

NCAA (more…)

With the NCAA Tournament in full swing, I figured what better time to go to the well and use the mascot deathmatch card.  This tournament will feature the mascots from the Sweet Sixteen teams, with each matchup mirroring the NCAA bracket.  There are a wide array of different mascot types in the tourney, so it should lead to some interesting results.


  1. Each matchup is a fight to the death.
  2. Competitors are allowed to bring any item that is generally associated with them.  Example: Batman would have all his gadgets, Link would have his sword, Indiana Jones would have a whip, etc.  The items the fighters have will be noted in the blog.
  3. Voting takes place from time the blog is posted until midnight ET that night.
  4. Tiebreaker goes to a coin flip.
  5. If you have any theories on how you think the results of a match would go, please add them in the comments section.  Bantering is half the fun.

NCAA (more…)