Baseball Deathmatch Tournament Round 2

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Baseball, Deathmatch Tournament, Sports, Uncategorized
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David Ortiz vs. Chris Davis

i-2 i-3


Tale of the Tape:  Big Papi takes on the 2013 Home Run champion in a place fittingly built for left-handed sluggers.  Only one can survive to the next round.  Who wins the brawl?



Miguel Cabrera vs. Prince Fielder

i-5 i-8


Tale of the Tape:  A couple of former teammates square off in a place that used to have a garbage bag for an outfield wall.  Do these two behemoths take down the Metrodome during their fight?  Anything is possible.


Giancarlo Stanton vs. Ryan Howard


i-9 i-10


Tale of the Tape:  The young buck Stanton goes up against the big, bad veteran Rhino.  Who do you got, youth vs. experience?


Jay Bruce vs. Yasiel Puig


i-12 i

Tale of the Tape:  Jigga Jay Bruce takes on the Cruisin’ Cuban for the right to go to the Final Four.  Bruce has the size, ManBearPuig has the energy.  Who wins?



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