Game of Thrones Recap S4E2: The Lion and the Rose

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Game of thrones, TV
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If you haven’t watched this week’s episode, there are Spoilers Ahead

For your listening pleasure as you read.

Some quick thoughts of tonight’s Game of Thrones episode, The Lion and the Rose (in the order they appeared in my fanboy brain).  I have not read any of the books and stayed reasonably spoiler-free.  I hope to keep it that way, so I would truly appreciate no spoilers being thrown my way.  Onto the show!

  1. It has been said a million times before but I will say it again.  The opening credits for this show are Top 5 of all time and maybe the best ever.  The music is hotter than Melisandre and Daenyrus making out.  The ever changing map with the unique gears raising the sigils and whatnot is amazing.  I am going to have to think on this for a little bit, but I am leaning towards saying this show has THE BEST intro of any show of all time.
  2. Speaking of the intro, smoking/destroyed Winterfell breaks my heart every damn time I see it.  Thank God that tree grows afterwards, and it gives me hope.  And yes, I am wayyyyy too much into this show.
  3. We start out with one satanic bastard finding joy in the misery of others, as Ramsay Snow hunts down an innocent girl in the woods.  Ramsay reminds me of another bastard who is entitled to more than he deserves.  As much as I despise Theon, I can’t even wish this version of hell upon him.  Sicking the dogs on a defenseless person is one of the worst ways to go out.  Luckily the powers that be on the show used their imagination and gave us a comparably awful way to die later in the episode.
  4. Giving Jaime and Tyrion some face time together was GREAT.  Due to their personalities/ambitions, they are rarely running in the same circles despite being brothers.  When Jaime buys Tyrion a bunch of whores during their stay in Winterfell, you could tell that Jaime was the only Lannister that actually likes the Imp.  Hopefully they have some more good moments in the future, even if tonight’s episode makes that tougher to imagine.  Meanwhile, Bron and The King Slayer should have some good witty banter in the episodes ahead, if they continue to spar after tonight’s events.
  5. Back to the Dreadfort, it was nice to see that torturous bastard Ramsay brought down a notch or two by his scumbag father, Roose.  The shaving scene with Theon was intense as all hell, and if you weren’t rooting for Theon to slit Ramsay’s throat, you have a heart darker than the Grinch’s.
  6. Given how unlikeable the Greyjoys are, it is hard to believe that I will be rooting for them if/when they face off with Bolton’s army.  But the actions of the last five or so episodes have made this all possible.  They Iron born sound like some of the most miserable people in Westeros, so watching them do unspeakable things to Bolton’s army should be great (if it actually happens).
  7. Tyrion shipping Shae out of King’s Landing was likely met with great fanfare.  Based on everything I have read/listened to in the last week, people are tired with her story.  When she first arrived, she was fresh and exciting.  Her and Tyrion seemed to be a modern day Romeo and Juliet, if Romeo and Juliet were a whore and a midget.  Which would have made Romeo and Juliet much more exciting, if not different.
  8. What do you get for a petulant king that has everything and deserves nothing?  A book titled “The Lives of Four Kings”, apparently.  For once, Joffrey acts nice to Tyrion after receiving the gift.  That kindness is short-lived however, as once Joffrey receives his “hot off the presses” Valyrian sword, he chops up the book right in front of Tyrion’s face.  What a god damn prick.  He names the sword “Widow’s Wail”, which is something we would hear later in the episode to thunderous applause (at least in my house).
  9. We go to Dragonstone to check in on Stannis and his two shorties.  Once we get there, we see people getting burned alive in the name of the Lord of Light.  I guess the question remains: Would you rather be burned alive or eaten by dogs while alive?  Thank you George R.R. Martin for allowing us to at least experience the sounds of what these two terrifying scenarios would sound like.
  10. We visit with Stannis’ daughter, who is witty beyond her years and just needs some Pro Activ to get out of her jail cell.  These scenes are usually pretty boring, but damn Melisandre is a smokeshow.
  11. Bran has a few fun things happen in his side of the world.  He becomes his direwolf, makes Hodor say “Hodor”, and gets some pretty trippy visions when he touches the tree.  Wherever he is going, I hope he gets there soon.  This story is not all that fun.
  12. Loras flipping the script on Jaime with the ol “You won’t marry her either” was fannnntastic.
  13. Damn, Cersei Lannister was just punking everyone tonight.  I don’t know much about menopause, but I imagine violent mood swings is a symptom.  Maybe those were the symptoms the Maester was talking about last episode.  Or gonorrhea.  Yeah, it was probably gonorrhea.
  14. The midget rendition of the War of the Five Kings was Joffrey at his absolute best/worse.  On first viewing, I didn’t realize that “Renley” was riding Ser Loras in an *ahem* sexual manner.  That was the reason for the angry looks from the Tyrells.  Not a good way to start a relationship with your in-laws.
  15. The “Robb Stark” death was cringeworthy, if for no other reason than having Sansa experience it all.  And Joffrey’s over-the-top, incessant laughing just sends chills down your spine.
  16. And of course the Tyrion cupbearer nonsense painted one final awful picture of Joffrey.  I am pretty happy this scene happened, if for nothing else to make the final payoff just that much sweeter.
  17. Not to nitpick, but they don’t have food tasters in King’s Landing?  Seems like a gross oversight (though I am not complaining).  Maybe this is the first time a king has been poisoned in the history of Westeros.  In that case, I couldn’t be happier that Joffrey was the guinea pig.
  18. Listen, we all hated Joffrey and he is one of the most unlikeable characters in entertainment history.  But you HAVE to respect the acting and the writing that made him so evil.  The fact that Jack Gleason went from innocent boy to awful king was a great job done by all involved.  I hear that Gleason wants to get out of acting, but I truly hope that is not the case.  Sometimes a great villain is better than a great hero.  Whether you loathed him or just plain hated him, Joffrey was likely the character on the show that made you feel the most emotion.  Something to be said for that.
  19. Sheesh, what an episode.  Some good, some bad, some ugly.  But ALWAYS entertaining.  This is Westeros, Eh Joffrey?  The one thing I can complain about was for Joffrey to have an even slower, more painful death.  But in the words of Dukie from The Wire, dead is dead.  I will take it and rewatch it multiple times until next Sunday.  I am starting to worry about myself…
  20. I cannot wait for the reaction videos from tonight’s ending to hit Youtube.  They should be significantly more enjoyable than the Red Wedding videos of last year.  God Bless George R.R. Martin.  I imagine everyone was doing the same dance I was doing as the credits rolled.



And of course, I have to ask the question.


  1. Jeffrey Picca says:

    Who cares about that prick theon. He screwed the starls to try to please a father who didn’t care about him. He got what he deserved.

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