New York Ammendment Bans E-Cigarettes From Public Places. New York Douchebags Weep

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Random Thoughts, Uncategorized
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Capital New York New Yorkers are no longer allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes in any place where smoking regular cigarettes is prohibited, including bars, restaurants, offices, parks and beaches.

The amendment to the Smoke-Free Air Act, a 2002 law, takes effect today and means that electronic cigarettes are now treated the same as regular cigarettes.

The bill was one of the last signed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and was passed despite objections from some who claimed that electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking regular cigarettes.

Well, if you weren’t already smiling on a 70 degree day in New York, you should be now.  Because they finally banned E-Cigs from bars, restaurants, and other public places.  Hey, I understand being addicted to something just as much as the next guy.  Seeing a commercial for some new incredible fast food item turns my brain into drunk Roger Rabbit, straight up FIENDING food that is among the worst stuff man has ever created.  But I have always HATED smokers.  Going to bars in college would lead to a stack of laundry that smelled like a chimney.  And who really wants to do laundry in college?  Or ever, really.

Anyway, for whatever reason, the people who smoke electronic cigarettes seem to be even worse than regular smokers.  I don’t know if the e-cig has something in it that appeals to people that have the Toolbag strain in their DNA, but it sure seems like it.  So to all the e-cig smokers, best of luck finding another way to get your nic-fix in New York, because my tax dollars finally worked for me today.

  1. Greg says:

    What exactly is wrong with electronic cigarette users or use? E-cig vapor doesn’t make clothes or curtains smelly, there’s no second-hand smoke effect. It’s like the same “smoke” you see and breathe in clubs and concerts and stuff…

  2. Ecig Forlife says:

    They are being banned because they look like cigarettes. So providing you can come up with an e-caigarette that looks like a dildo, everyone should be happy. For more details visit:- electronic cigarette

  3. ecigarette07 says:

    Electronic cigarettes allows the user to discover a viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes by delivering a vapour which for all intents and purposes looks just like a cigarette. e cigarette perth western australia

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