All You Need To Know About Episode 4 of MTV The Challenge: Free Agents “Inadequate”

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

A quick recap for episode 4 of the professional sports/drinking league known as MTV The Challenge: Free Agents.

We start off today’s show with a pool party.  We have Jasmine being Jasmine and Preston being…well…Preston.

If Preston acting like The Little Mermaid didn’t get you excited, seeing Aneesa getting her butt blurred despite wearing a full bikini was something.

Next up, we have the newest power couple in the game, Laurel and Jordan.  Two Type-A, competitive SOBs that are already rubbing people the wrong way.  Just watch your back Jordan.  The minute Laurel is drunk, she will probably go way over the line with jokes about your hand or something.

laurel jordan

Is it just me or does Camilla look hotter this season?  Not sure if it’s a makeup thing, a “less crazy” thing, or just a beautiful Brazillian blossoming before our eyes.  But…DAMN.

photo 1

Picking teams FINALLY made sense.  Laurel, Zach, CT, and Camila being the first four taken, with Bananas and Cara Maria as captains.  What took so long?

The most underrated part of every show is what TJ’s wardrobe will be.  Before each show I write down three random words and see if they are on his hat or shirt.  This week we had “Forgiven” on the lid and “Shred ‘Til Your Dead” on the hoodie.  Next week I am picking “Truth”, “Pray” and “Survive” for the TJ clothes game.

photo 2

I give this week’s Challenge a 7.5/10.  It was a pretty fun game to watch, the giant heads on the balls were hilarious, and there were some good highlights.  As always, the only Challenge to ever score a perfect 10/10 was the Spelling Bee Challenge from The Duel 2.

As much as he bothers me every episode, I gotta give Preston credit.  He was the most unlikeliest hero, acting like Ollie from Hoosiers in the biggest moments of the game.

Isaac wins the Quote of the Episode award.  “I either need to use brute strength or KY”.  I guess KY’s biggest competitor is actually brute strength, but that seems just barbaric.  Moving along…

Everyone’s boy TJ killed it last night.  He went for the quick juke and survived a ball collision.  Seriously the best host in reality gameshow history.

Swift wins The Funniest Moment of the Episode Award.  The Preston impersonation was dead-on accurate and falling/knocking down the green screen was classic.

The Unintentional Comedy winner for the episode goes to Aneesa saying she has the “most experience” there and “has been in a lot of eliminations”.  All that means is you are old and haven’t found a way to get out of the vicious cycle of Challenge competitions.

And then Aneesa unleashes the fury onto Laurel.  TJ even gave her the floor.

AND THEN LaToya does the same to Jordan, all while stealing my heart.  LaToya, you are now at the top of the list for favorite characters on the show.  Your sass game is off the charts.  I can’t even describe how sad I was to see you lose the elimination round.

LaToya is my new favorite Challenge cast member

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A friendly reminder that Zach is the Juggernaut, bitch.  I give this Elmination a 6.5/10.  The thought of a race with a collision is good in theory, but lacks in execution.  It all went too fast.  However, if Aneesa had gotten voted in, she would still be running.

Finally, the two OGs of the game just chatting about alliances and whatnot.  I can’t wait to tell my grandkids about when they used to compete in the Challenge.  That is if they aren’t STILL competing in The Challenge.

photo 3

Until next week, folks!


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