A Tradition Unlike Any Other: The New York Jets Draft Blunders Video

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Football, Uncategorized, Youtube
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God I love this video.  It is basically a 90 second long unintentional joke that delivers EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  Being a Mets and Knicks fan, I am usually on the other side of these videos.  But by the grace of God, I am not a Jets fan.  Here are the highlights of this masterpiece:

1. The video starts off with Johnny “Lam” Jones.  I know nothing about Johnny “Lam” Jones other than he was a wide receiver drafted by the Jets. The sneaky funniest part of this video is the nasal delivery of Pete Rozelle.  It makes every pick he announces 80% funnier.  Plus we get our first Jets fan appearance, saying it was a surprising selection.  God Bless their little hearts.

Johnny Lam Jones

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2. Freeman McNeil gets selected and we just get a shot of an 80s Jets fan all bummed out.  And then we see Boomer!  Mr. With Leather himself, giving his 2 cents on the pick.  When you can make the unbiased media (especially back then) biased, you’ve done your job as a terrible franchise.

Freeman McNeil

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3. This is clearly the climax of the video.  Rozelle announces that the Jets are selecting a quarterback and takes a brief pause.  He is letting dreams of Dan Marino pop into Jets fans heads with that pause.  And then he just drops the hammer.  Ken O’Brien.  Hands on head disappointment.

Ken O'Brien

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4. This guy really puts the video onto the next level, because Jets fans wanted Marino back then and to have this guy second-guess them right off the bat is priceless.  “Obviously the Jets know something that the people up here don’t”.  Gets me every damn time.

Marino fan

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5. Roger Vick gets drafted and Berman lets out an audible groan….

Roger Vick

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6. …Which sounds EXACTLY like the groan he gives after Jeff Lageman is drafted.  So much to like about this pick.  The groan.  The guy laughing in the red shirt (who is clearly not a Jets fan).  And of course the name Jeff Lageman.  He was born to be a Jets bust.  The guy in the red shirt was the perfect embodiment how every other fan base reacted when the Jets made picks back in the day.

Jeff Lageman

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7. A Mel Kiper appearance!  This was during Mel’s younger/feistier days, so it is a real treat to see him with his fastball.  Current Mel is exhausted by this point, being picked apart by the countless draftheads out there, let alone Todd McShay on his own network.  Mel critiquing the old Jets was like Mike Tyson taking on Marvis Frazier.


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8. The Johnny Mitchell pick is great because we get to see a flock of Jets fans all crumble at once.  The “New York, New York.  Tight End, Tight End” line works thanks to the site of crushed Jets fans.

Johnny Mitchell

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9. And finally, ESPN brings in Mariano Rivera to close out this video.  Jets fans are going nuts, chanting for Warren Sapp.  Sapp looks like he is hoping the Jets take him.  And then BOOM, a right hook to the temple.  The Jets take Kyle Brady, Jets fans place their head into their hands, and Kyle Brady goes on stage and looks like he just watched his puppy die.  This clip has it all.  Excited Jets fans, a Hall of Fame player who they should have drafted, heart broken Jets fans, and then a player who just was eaten up and spit out by New Yorkers before even getting to mini camp.

Kyle Brady

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So even if you don’t love the new draft format, you know the NY Jets Draft Blunders Youtube video will bubble up and make you smile.  Here are to the Jets making more memories, starting tonight.

  1. lowballj says:

    Nothing can touch that white, maroon, yellow rugby polo shirt + mustache combo

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