Game of Stools: Bloggers And Their Game of Thrones Counterparts

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Uncategorized


A quick breakdown of each blogger on Barstool Sports and their Game of Thrones comparison.

If you aren’t caught up on the show, there may be a spoiler or two below.

photo 1

El Presidente= Tywin Lannister:  Total no brainer.  A ruthless mogul who is always getting hated on, but begrudgingly has the respect of the people.


KFC= Tyrion Lannister:   A silver tongued drunk that loves smut more than life itself.  KFC may be taller, but he has the exact same running style and body type as Tyrion.  #SkinnyFat

photo 2

BigCat= Jon Snow: A bastard from the North (still have to verify this).  Time on screen has been increasing a ton through the years.  His dog will appear without warning sometimes.  Never really showers.

photo 3

Feitelberg= Jaime Lannister: The likely heir to everything El Pres/Tywin possess. At first glance, is a pretty boy that everyone gives shit to. However, is becoming more popular as time goes on.  Has one physical flaw that he will never get over.

photo 5

KMarko= Stannis Baratheon: Not seen on camera that much, but is ruthlessly efficient off of it.  King of the smokeshow.  Stoic.

photo 4

Smitty= Tommen:  The current leader of a place that no sane person would want to live, took over for a guy that people always bitched about, has a giant head, and loves kitty cats.

photo 3

Nate= Jorah Mormont: Does real good work and is liked by all.  However, cannot seem to get out of The Friendzone.

photo 1

Trent=Samwell Tarly:  Both live in the middle of effing nowhere, would be better if they were played by Chris Farley, and have already had a career defining moment.

photo 5

Handsome Hank= Littlefinger: The quiet one that remembers every insult along the way.  Will probably end up ruling everything before long.

photo 4

Millmore= Bran Stark: Young guy who does stuff on the show/site that no one else would have any idea how to do.

photo 2

Jerry Thornton= Grand Maester Pycelle: An old rambler who knows his shit, but everyone tunes him out quickly.


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