Least Suprising News Ever: Time Warner Most Hated Cable Company In America

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Uncategorized


Yahoo Finance- Data released Tuesday by the American Customer Service Index show that cable companies are one of the most hated industries in America. Indeed, while the average company scores in the high 70s on the index (out of 100), subscription-TV companies (these include traditional cable companies and fiber-optic and satellite cable companies) scored just 65 on the index. Only Internet companies (many of which also provide your cable service, so it’s sometimes impossible to differentiate) were worse, scoring just 63. It doesn’t stop there. Customer satisfaction with subscription-TV services fell 4.4% in the last year alone and with Internet companies it declined 3.1%….

Even if you do have a choice between TV and Internet companies, it likely isn’t a good one. Time Warner Cable (TWC)  gets the lowest marks among consumers, scoring a 56 on the index; and AT&T (U-verse) (XNYS:T)  and DirecTV (DTV)  the best marks, scoring a 69 on the index. But even those higher rated companies are still below average across industries. “We’re not satisfied with these results and are working every day to deliver a better customer experience,” says Eric Mangan, a spokesperson for Time Warner Cable. “We’ve introduced one-hour appointment windows, extended our TWC TV app for live TV and On Demand to more consumer devices, begun delivering dramatically faster Internet speeds and provided our Internet customers with access to more than 250,000 WiFi hotspots — and we are committed to additional customer experience improvements this year.”

Tomorrow Yahoo Finance will run a riveting story on how the sky is blue and the sun will rise in the East.  It is actually pretty impressive that no matter where you live, Time Warner sucks.  Asking someone in New York City who their cable provider is will trigger two responses:  “Time Warner.  Please kill me” or “Not Time Warner.  Thank fucking God”.  I have chosen apartments based mostly on the cable provider they had.  Having DirecTV and the Sunday Ticket seemed like a better option than Time Warner and hours of static.  Time Warner having a monopoly in New York City is just the cherry to top off the daily soul crushing that the Big Apple is known for.  Add in the fact that they are merging with Comcast (the 2nd-worst company on the list) and it adds up to some real super-villain shit.  F You Time Warner.


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