Quick Thoughts About Game of Thrones: The Mountain And The Viper

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Spoiler alert: This post deals with Episode 8 of Season 4 of Game of Thrones.  It may reference events from previous episodes of the show.  I have NOT read any of the books and do not intend to until after the TV series is over.  Onto the thoughts. 

  • So let’s start with the scene that everyone is talking about right now.  Oberyn Martell quickly made it to the top of everyone’s favorite character list, got his Inigo Montoya on, was one twist of a dagger away from killing The Mountain, yet somehow ended  up getting his head popped like a grape.  What a God damn shame.

  • It isn’t every day that I am standing up and cheering during a Thrones episode, but this was one of them.  I was cheering for The Red Viper as if he was my firstborn son, thinking he would get The Mountain to confess to everything, putting Tywin on the hook for ordering it all, and then Oberyn throwing his spear through Tywin’s heart.  Nope, just your typical Game of Thrones “lets kill one of your favorite characters in an absolutely brutal fashion”.  Part of me is still waiting for Robb Stark to march on Casterly Rock.  Blue balls like you read about.
  • Hearing Tyrion and Jaime talk about the smashing beetles story reminded me of Roger’s “joke” from Training Day.

  • I am not going to lie, I thought HBO was going to borrow an old trick from MTV: The Challenge and save the end of the big fight until the next episode.  Despite being bummed about the result, I was thrilled I didn’t have to wait until next week to see Oberyn’s head go into full-blown Death Star explosion mode.


  • Wrapping up our King’s Landing scenes, it’s prediction time.  This is kind of a reach, but I am going to say that both the Mountain and Oberyn are dead, making the trial by combat a draw.  My other guess is that Jaime Lannister threatens suicide or something similarly as rash and destructive to the Lannister name surviving indefinitely.  This will force Tywin to let Tyrion off the hook.  And yes, most of this prediction is due to the fact that I will be heartbroken if the P(imp) dies.
  • When we first get to Mereen, Grey Worm and the viewers get a great look at Missandei.  She is at the top of the list of lovely ladies on a show full of them.  She has a sick body and is cute as a button.  I hope to see more and more of her.  Wait, that sounded really creepy.  Eh, whatever, I love Missandei.
  • One of the most common questions I have heard when discussing this show is whether the Unsullied have had the ENTIRE manhood chopped off.  Is it the franks and the beans?  Just the frank?  Just the beans?  A timeless question.

  • Looks like our boy Jorah somehow managed to end up in a place worse than the Friendzone.  And that is the “Don’t touch me and if you don’t leave my city, I will throw your head into Slaver’s Bay”-zone.  I can’t blame Dany or Jorah for the way this all turned out, but it is definitely a bummer for those of us hoping Jorah would get some dragon tail sooner or later.  However, he has been the loyalist and smartest follower Dany has.  So I hope this doesn’t bite her in the ass.  I have a feeling Jorah will be going to Hot Topic to redo his entire wardrobe ASAP. Cue the “Sad Charlie Brown” montage from Arrested Development.

  • The Theon scenes were pretty quick, but I guess they got the point across.  The Ironborn are badass mofos, but once all hope is lost, they will take down whoever is in charge and surrender.
  • As for Ramsay Snow Bolton, it was great to see such a wonderful person get such a prestigious title.  And yes, it is indeed opposite day.  He is just as big of an asshole as his traitor father.
  • Seeing some flayed Iron Born corpses was quite a wake up call as well.  Gross but badass.
  • We went to The Vale tonight and watched Sansa tell a few lies for Littlefinger.  Looks like she is starting to learn a few things about deception in order to survive.  And apparently her head is no longer in the clouds, as she says she knows what Littlefinger wants.  So, ummm…..
  • Did they bang?  I don’t think so, but maybe they are starting to work out a plan together and if all goes well, Sansa will dangle that carrot so Lord Baelish will do her bidding (bad pun kinda intended).  And what was with the darker hair?  Maybe it was just the lighting?  I’m sure this will all make sense soon.
  • There is no doubt in my mind that Robin will be dead by the end of this season.  In fact, it is such a given, they should just have him die the way the Itchy And Scratchy writers killed off Poochie.


  • Arya’s reaction to her Aunt Lysa dying, thus robbing The Hound of a small fortune was priceless.  If you don’t LOVE Arya, you have no soul or you are Cersei Lannister (which is basically the same thing).  However, nothing will beat Maisie William’s reaction to The Red Wedding.

  • When you think of Aidan Gillen, do you think of him as Tommy Carcetti from The Wire or Littlefinger from Game of Thrones?  I have to admit that I now see him as Littlefinger, which I never thought would be the case.  What an awesome actor.  I also never thought I’d love a show more than The Wire, but Game of Thrones is approaching that status QUICKLY.
  • Not much to say about Mole Town, but I still like Ygritte a lot and LOVE the term hangnail cock.  The Sam and Gilly storyline is quite annoying, but no one wants to see a mother and her son killed.  Happy to see they (seemingly) survived the episode.
  • Finally, it looks like next week will be mostly/solely devoted to the battle at The Wall.  Other than Jon Snow and Ygritte, I really don’t care all that much about what happens there.  However, I will go into the episode with an open mind, since Game of Thrones has never really let me down.  Let’s see what four seasons worth of build up pays off for at The Wall.

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