Classic Youtube Tuesday: 7-Year-Old Takes Car On Joyride AKA Does Hoodrat Things With His Friend

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Uncategorized, Youtube
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We have a new feature on The Clem Report called Classic Youtube Tuesday.  We will post an oldie but goodie from Youtube to bring us back to simpler yet incredible times.

Latarian Martin is a pimp name, has the pimp walk, and the pimp outfit all going  STRONG.  He stole his grandma’s car because he was mad at his mom.  The story is even better than I remember.  When I got angry at my parents, I would “run away” from home, but always make it back by dinner time with my tail between my legs.  If I even dreamed of walking with that type of swagger, I would have been thrown out of the house like Jazzy Jeff.


Anyway, it is time to power rank the best quotes from this instant classic:

Honorable Mention:  “Little bit of no video games for a whole weekend”.  This is actually a pretty legitimate punishment, especially if you consider Friday night part of  the weekend.  Not sure how they operate in the Sunshine State, but that’s how it works in New York.

 5.  “I yanked the thing”.  To be fair to ol’ Latarian, this  is probably how they explain putting a car into drive in Florida’s Drivers Ed program.

4.  “Can my mom help her (pay for the damaged cars)”?  The most underrated quote of the video.  It all starts and ends with his mom being mean to him.  Diabolical genius.

3.  “I wanted to do it because it’s fun, it’s fun to do bad things,  Drive into a car“.  In most videos, this is the best quote of a video.  I love that driving into a car is the fun part of it all.  Not stealing a car or driving like a madman.  But playing a one-man game of demolition derby.

2.  “And he smokes with cigarettes”.  I love how his friend “smokes with cigarettes”.  A friend that smokes cigarettes is basically the coolest human on Earth to a 7 year old kid.  Street cred like you read about.

1.  “I wanted to do hood rat stuff with my friend“.  I am not sure if I will ever have a better quote in any Youtube Tuesday.  Swagger on a hundred million trillion.


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