The Clem Report’s 2014 Mets May Review

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May Mets

Well, that sure was bleak for a while, huh?  Losing 8 of 9 to start May was kind of a bummer.  I haaaaate when the Mets play in Colorado.  The final scores are video game numbers and our bullpen is a complete disaster due to overuse.  I don’t know how the Colorado bullpen survives out there.  Splitting with the Yankees was nice, but after taking the first two games, I have to admit that it stung not taking the series from them this year.  But the Amazins righted the ship against the Pennsylvania teams to end the month.

Best May Moment:  Boogying Down In The Bronx.  As I mentioned earlier, taking those first two series against the Yankees felt reallllly good.  It wasn’t just the fact the Mets won, but HOW they won.  Roughing up the Bombers pitching in the Bandbox That Ruth Built was a pleasure to see, especially taking into account how quiet the offense had been the week before.  In terms of the best actual play of May, it had to be the game-ending double play that Lucas Duda turned in Game 1 of the Subway Series.  I didn’t know someone with a lead glove could actually make a play like that.  Amazin’.

Worst May Moment: Lagares Riding The Pine.  Juan Lagares is the Mets best outfielder and behind David Wright, probably the most valuable player on the team.  Whether Terry Collins or Sandy Alderson made the call, Lagares was benched due for reasons that are still not clear.  He is striking out more than anyone would like, but this is a team that trotted out Rey Ordonez despite his bat, and Lagares’ bat is light-years ahead of Ordonez’s bat.  Just one of those moves that didn’t make sense at the time and still don’t.

May Man Crush (Position Player): Juan Lagares.  Still The Juan (sorry).  It’s impossible not to love a Gold Glove candidate in center field that also gets big hits when he is at the dish.  The only thing that can stop Juan Lagares is Terry Collins’ pen when he fills out the lineup card.  Lagares-catch

May Man Crush (Pitcher): Jenrry Mejia (Relief Pitcher Version).  Filthy cutter, great name, and he may be certifiably insane.  I believe in Oh Jenrry (not that there are any better choices).  The fact that Jose Valverde of all people yelled at Jenrry for his moonwalk is the biggest kettle calling the pot black moment of all time.  Jenrry, keep striking MoFos out and do eccentric stuff.  It’s about time the Mets had a closer who breaks the other team’s hearts.



Best May Headline: Mets call up pitchers Rafael Montero, Jacob deGrom as team hopes to build on young arms.  This is the headline that Mets fans have been waiting for.  It signaled that the team is going to start bringing up their young studs from the Minors and see if they will sink or swim.  Giving Flores regular at-bats falls under this headline as well.  


May Confession:  Despite the fact that this was a rollercoaster month, I love the direction this team is going.  We are actually bringing up our young talent and players are no longer “on scholarship”.  It is put up or shut up, whether you are a rookie just called up to the Bigs or a 10 year veteran.  For all the talk about how quiet the Mets offense has been, they have scored the same amount of runs as the Yankees (granted the Mets have played one more game than the Yanks).  But still, if you told me that stat before the season, I would be thrilled.  I am starting to believe.  Not as much for this year but more for the long-term.  Please don’t rip my heart out of my chest, Fred and Jeff.  Let me enjoy baseball past the dog days of August one of these years.  Please.  Please.  PLEASE!!!


25-Man Lightning Round:


Finally, here are my quick thoughts on the 25-man roster for May:

Bobby Abreu- The best bat and worst glove on the Mets.  Not sure which makes me sadder.

Vic Black- Young arm that throws gas and was once a potential “closer of the future” for the Pirates.  I’d rather have him lose games for the Mets than a 35+ year old pitcher.

Eric Campbell- Campbell has already had some great moments for the team and has contributed to the exciting youth movement.  Another person you would rather see on the field instead of an old, tired retread.

Buddy Carlyle- He is on the team because the Mets needed relief after playing roughly 450 innings against the Phillies to end the month.  Apparently is a dead-ringer for A.J. Burnett.  Or ol’ Buddy was part of a joke played against the ESPN photo team.

Bartolo Colon- El Barto was feast or famine each and every start in May.  <Insert another 100 food analogies here>.

Travis d’Arnaud- Hit worse in May than he did in April, and most of that damage was done before he was concussed.  I am starting to think he will always have a lowercase “d” on his jersey, which scares me as much as his batting average.

Jacob deGrom- deGrom will have to become a fantastic pitcher to get out of the secondary or tertiary tier in many Mets fans’ hearts, due to the hype of Harvey, Wheeler, Syndergaard, and even Montero.  But he has thrown great thus far, with the kind of flowing locks that you read about.

Matt den Dekker- Likely not going to be the guy we were hoping he could be, but should be a good glove off the bench for late and close situations.  Three Mets players in a row that all have lower case d’s in their last name.  Weird shit.

Lucas Duda- .220/3/11 for May isn’t going to cut it as a starting first baseman in The Show.  It’s too bad there wasn’t a free agent first baseman on the market that could have solved the Mets power problems.

Josh Edgin- A lefty arm that has been decent so far.  Better than Scott Rice (which isn’t saying much).

Dana Eveland- Has the first name of the girl and the stats of a guy who will be commuting between AAA and the Majors for the rest of the year.

Jeurys Familia- Looks like he has a chance to be a lights out reliever, with potential to close.  It is always easy to get excited about these guys.

Wilmer Flores- Extremely solid “baseball name”.  You can picture Vin Scully saying his name after a big play, which counts for something.  One of those Mets prospects that has been in the Minors so long that you think he will either be a stud or complete bust.  Deserves a chance at Shortstop over Tejada, as Rube has done nothing the last 18 months to stake claim to the position.

Curtis Granderson- The Grandyman’s testes dropped in May, mashing five bombs and hitting .256.  Hopefully those Jason Bay comparisons don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever come back here.

Daisuke Matsuzaka- Too much nibbling and walks allowed, but has been solid as a spot-starter.  Seems to be a little moody, which is funny considering that no one else wanted him and he thinks he can just act like a diva.

Jenrry Mejia- I understand that they wanted to see what they had in him as a starter, but I am thrilled that he is now closing.  Seems to have the mentality and the pitch selection to be successful.  Just hoping he stays healthy.

Daniel Murphy- Murph is Murph is Murph.  Will hit at the plate while making bonehead plays in the field and on the bases.  I love his temperament but I don’t think the Mets will ever win the big games with a player that makes that many stupid decisions.

Jon Niese- Cooled off after a great April, but still a rock solid lefty that is under the Mets control at a fair price until 2018.  If he is healthy, I am happy.

Anthony Recker- I wouldn’t be as concerned about our backup catcher being below-average if our starting catcher wasn’t playing so poorly, but unfortunately Little d d’Arnaud is just not getting the job done.

Scott Rice- New name= Scott SchoenRice.  That’s basically the worst thing I can call a left-handed reliever.  A constant reminder to teach your kids to pitch left-handed if you want them to become a millionaire easily.

Ruben Tejada- 😦

Carlos Torres-  I still love him despite not being as electric as April, but apparently Collins loves him as well.  Looks to be on the 2010 Pedro Feliciano usage plan.  Will need a new arm by August.

Zack Wheeler- Has had many of the ups and downs that almost all young pitchers experience, but has definitely shown glimpses of dominance.

David Wright- Looked a lot more like Captain America in May then he did in April.  He still hasn’t gone on his hot streak where he carries the Metros on his back.  More importantly though, he has stayed healthy.

Chris Young- With Granderson now hitting, C.Y. has become the easy target for all of the boo birds.  He has barely hit and has boned a fair share of plays in the outfield, while Nelson Cruz is on pace for 60 HR and 156 RBI.  To be fair, Cruz wanted 5/$80m when the Mets signed Young, and Young was signed partially in case Lagares had trouble hitting this year.  But still….Ugh.

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