The Clem Report’s Stanley Cup Game 1 Breakdown (Using NHL94)

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Uncategorized


With the Rangers making the Stanley Cup Finals, I decided to try to give some hockey insight on the blog.  Since 100% of my hockey knowledge is from NHL94, I figured I would fire up the old Super Nintendo and play a 7-game series.  Despite being plugged into the sports blog scene as deeply as I am, somehow I missed out on the fact that someone played the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals on NHL94 already, except using NHL14 to simulate the game.  This is what I saw in Game 1 on Super Nintendo.

Game 1 is in Los Angeles, with the matchup being even

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Whatever Ron Barr said is Gospel in my eyes, and ol’ Ronnie says that this is a dead even matchup.  Granted, every player on both teams have since retired, but nonetheless we should have a good, close Finals ahead of us.  For the record, the game is on 20 minute periods, default settings, and it is Computer vs. Computer.

I found out real quickly that playing the replay of a goal doesn’t give you all the bells and whistles that the game gives you during actual gameplay.  No siren, no players celebrating, nothing.  Luckily I was able to record Messier scoring a goal on a penalty shot.  By the way, a penalty shot in the Stanley Cup would be incredible.

3-0 Rangers. 1st intermission. #nyr #rangers #lgr

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Rangers jump out to a quick 3-0 lead at the end of the first period.  Two goals from Gartner and the penalty shot goal from Messier are the difference.

The Rangers are stay in the lead, 5-2 at the second intermission.  Gartner gets the Hat Trick on the road, Messier adds another goal, and Tony Granato puts the Kings on the board when he lights the lamp twice in the second period.

Rangers win Game 1 is Los Angeles, 9-4! #nyr #rangers #nhl #stanleycup

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The Rangers make this one a laugher, outscoring the Kings 4-2 in the third period.  Messier gets a Hat Trick of his own, as does Granato, while Gartner scores two more goals.  I miss a chance to get a picture of the fans throwing their hats on the virtual ice for Granato’s Hat Trick, which haunts me up until the point the Rangers lose Game 1 in real life.  Dammit.

Gartner, Messier, and Granato all with hat tricks. #nyr #rangers #stanleycup

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Finally, I am not sure if I found a 20-year old bug or what, but there is no way that many shots were put on goal.  That would be a record, or something.

So there you have it.  NHL94 didn’t do a perfect job simulating Game 1 of the Stanley Cup, but I am sure it just needed a game to get up to snuff.  I will run it back before Game 2 on Saturday.  Until then, “Lets Go Rangers”.

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