Best News Of 2014 (Thus Far): Ghostbusters Coming Back To Theaters Starting Labor Day Weekend

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Movies
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Newsday-  The comedy classic “Ghostbusters” is being rereleased theatrically on Aug. 29 to help celebrate its 30th anniversary, Sony Pictures announced Thursday.

“Ghostbusters,” directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis as the titular paranormal pest-controllers, is being restored and remastered in 4K, an increasingly popular type of image resolution higher than HD or Ultra HD. The movie will play in more than 700 North American locations for a limited engagement beginning Labor Day weekend.

OH EFF YES.  Once Labor Day hits, I can watch the favorite movie of my youth on a giant HD screen while eating a gigantic tub of buttered popcorn and slugging a 96 ounce Cherry Coke.  Do I mix in some candy?  And if so, do I go with chocolate or fruit candy?  Anyway, lets not get ahead of ourselves.  We get all the charm of Bill Murray, the lovability of Harold Ramis, and ummm Dan Akroyd.  We get a Hall of Fame asshole in Walter Peck.  A movie theme that was NUMBER ONE for three weeks in the US.  And maybe, JUST MAYBE Ecto Cooler will come back out (but probably not).  God Bless America!

PS- When someone asks if you’re a God, you say YES!

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