Manny Machado Rewrites The Unwritten Rules Of Baseball, Throws Bat At Third Baseman

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Baseball, Sports
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So Manny Machado may have changed the way we think about retaliation in baseball.  June 8, 2014 could go down as a historic date for baseball, or maybe sports as we know it (click picture to watch).


This entire situation started when Manny Machado got upset by the way Josh Donaldson tagged him.  Now if you watch that video, nothing seems out of the ordinary.  When I heard this all started due to a tag, I was expecting Donaldson to curb stomp Machado.  Nope, seemed just fine to me.  Now, Machado is a third baseman, so he knows how the position is played.  So maybe there is more to the story, but I just didn’t see a reason to get upset.  Later in the game, Tommy Milone hit Donaldson with a pitch, seemingly ending the fracas for good (click picture to watch).


Fast forward to Sunday, when Fernando Abad threw at Machado twice, which Machado took exception to.  Instead of charging the mount, Manny made it look like he was swinging at the pitch and launched his bat at Albert Callaspo, with all the subtlety of Roger Clemens.


I don’t know what to make of all this.  Is Machado a crazy SOB like Izzy Alcantara or Delmon Young?  Or has he redefined the unwritten rules of baseball?  Hard Tag= Hit By Pitch.  Hard Tag + Inside Pitch + Inside Pitch= Bat Throw.  It’s called evolution, people.

Regardless, Judge McCann is gonna be pissssssed.



PS- There is a precedent that has been set in another sport.  If you posterize AND push someone down, you can throw a basketball at them.  Chris Dudley, he of the 46% lifetime free-throw percentage, was able to hit Shaq on the move after getting tossed aside like a fly.  Still one of the crazier things I’ve ever seen live.



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