Quick Thoughts About “Game Of Thrones: Watchers Of The Wall”

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Game of thrones, TV, Uncategorized
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***Spoilers ahead if you have not yet watched Episode 9 of Season 4***

Okay, I’ll admit it. I didn’t love Game of Thrones last night. When I saw the “Next On” last week and realized that it was going to be an entire episode devoted to the wall, I was bummed out.  Yesterday was the first time that I was not truly HYPED for a Game of Thrones episode since I started watching the series.  Obviously I was still excited, but not to the same level that I have been in the past.

Perhaps it was due to that mindset or just that I haven’t cared about 95% of the people at The Wall, but I was disappointed in last night’s episode.  It was a great battle, but there was not a lot of heart to back it up.  I cared about Jon Snow, Ygritte, and on a much lower level Sam and Gilly.  I was more interested in seeing certain awful characters get killed than having them survive.  I think what happens after the battle is where it could get interesting.  Jon Snow heading out to meet Mance Rayder could lead to a really interesting story, but that didn’t happen in episode 9.  Bummer.  Anyway, here were my top 5 moments of Watchers Of The Wall:

5. Seeing the giants riding mastadons was a nice little surprise.  If they weren’t so expensive (like the dragons), I bet the show could have done some real cool stuff with the giants.


4. The tracking shot of the battle scene was incredible, going from Jon Snow all the way over to Sam and Ghost.  Had a slight hint of the fantastic single shot scene from True Detective.

3. The unleashing of the scythe was bad ass, leaving only a few hands behind.  Based on the way Alliser talked, I figured the Night’s Watch had a few aces up their sleeves.  The scythe was definitely one.

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2. Ygritte and Jon Snow’s final scene.  When we first met Ygritte, she just seemed like an annoying wildling girl who was just trying to get under Jon Snow’s emo skin.  By the time she died last night, it may or may not have gotten a little dusty in the Casa de Clem.


1. The answer to the eternal question “if a giant had a bow and arrow, what would it look like”?  Simply incredible.

All in all, it felt more like a Lord of the Rings movie to me than a Game of Thrones episode, due to the faceless characters battling each other.  The depth of the characters and the story is what makes me a complete Thrones Fanboy.  This episode was like LeBron James putting up 16 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists.  Very good by traditional standards, but not the greatness we have become accustomed to.  “Watchers Of The Wall” didn’t do it for me, but I am pretty damn sure the finale to Season 4 will wrap it up fantastically.



And then I will be in a deep depression until Season 5 starts.

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