Slight Hiccup For World Cup Host Brazil: Airplane Workers Looking To Strike Right Before World Cup

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Deathmatch Tournament, Uncategorized
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CNBC-  Maintenance workers for LATAM Airlines have threatened to delay or cancel flights throughout South America in support of a strike by Peruvian colleagues in the days ahead of the World Cup.

LATAM workers in countries where the airline operates were handing out flyers to passengers to warn them of disruptions, Dario Castillo, president of the union of maintenance workers for LAN Chile, told Reuters on Wednesday.

“We are going to support our Peruvian colleagues with flight delays and cancellations and that applies to the whole LATAM network,” Castillo said.

The World Cup kicks off on June 12, with Brazil expecting one of the biggest influxes of tourists it has ever seen.

Giving the World Cup to a Third World Country.  What.  Could.  Possibly.  Go.  Wrong?  So now if you were looking to go to the World Cup despite the 90% chance you were going to get mugged or caught in a riot, you will have a real problem finding a place to land.  Looks like the soccer Gods are giving you an excuse to keep your life in tact.  Save a ton of money by just staying home and watching the tournament on your HDTV.  However, if you REALLY want to watch the World Cup in person, Brazil may be a safer option compared to the 2018 host:


PS- I am not a soccer fan.  Actually I kinda loathe a lot about the sport.  But there is no denying that this is awesome.

PSS- This is pretty God damn fantastic as well.


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