Quick Thoughts On Game Of Thrones Season 4 Finale: “The Children”

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Game of thrones, TV
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***Spoilers ahead if you have not yet watched Episode 10 of Season 4***

I liked last night’s Game of Thrones, I really did.  But since I had read that it was going to be the best Game of Thrones finale ever, I went in with unbelievably high expectations that were not met.  Granted, the second-to-last episode is usually the highlight episode of the season, so maybe this was technically the best “finale” in the show’s history.  But I still walked away slightly disappointed.  Apparently many people thought that a new, very interesting character was going to be introduced last night.  That character never was, which lead to some people being bummed out.  Onto the random thoughts:

  • Stannis has kinda been an emo a-hole for most of the show’s run, but he seems to have a little bit of personality once he is out of Dragonstone.  But any friend of Ned Stark is a friend of mine.  I actually find myself rooting for him now, after all the other chips have fallen.
  • Melisandre was giving Jon Snow those “F Me” eyes through the fire, which can’t be a good thing for Jonny boy.  Keep your head on a swivel, Mr. Snow.  She loves that royal blood.
  • When we went over the Essos, we learn that one of Daenyrus’ dragons has moved up from roasting marshmallows and goats to roasting little children.  So she locks them up and we have another season where Daeny didn’t make it over to Westeros.  I am definitely getting fed up with her storyline these days, but I also understand that it will not be an easy transition from conquering cities to making a move on King’s Landing.  Her storyline was incredible for the first three seasons of the show, but has slowed down considerably lately.  I think it’s only fair not to expect much movement in her side of the world for now.
  • It was fun to watch Bran act out a Zelda scene with all of those fighting skeletons.  I feel like his story is going to be extra weird and nerdy, and may turn some people off from the show if it becomes more important to the storyline.  Hopefully when Bran flies he is controlling a dragon and not a raven.
  • I imagine most people reacted the same way I did during the fight between Brianne and The Hound.  It’s like your parents fighting and you just wanted them to stop because you love them both.  That was a traumatic showdown and I hope nothing like that ever happens again.  But considering how much George R.R. Martin likes messing with people, I am sure we will see plenty of these situations again over the next few seasons.
  • Good for Arya not letting The Hound get a nice, clean death.  While The Hound has been revealed as a decent guy recently, he has a lot of baggage in his past that was not all that nice.  Considering how much Arya loves crossing names of her list, that could not have been easy for her to pass up.
  • Jaime and Cersei are banging again and don’t care who knows about it.  This relationship is just as cringe-worthy as it was in the first season, except there were no kids to throw out of windows or knock over in their tomb this time around.
  • When Jaime let Tyrion out of his cell, I was wondering whether this was “new, nice Jaime” or “incest, trying to make Cersei happy Jaime”.  So the whole time Tyrion was down in the dungeon, I didn’t know whether he was walking into a trap or not.  I definitely get way too anxious over the lives of fictional characters.
  • Seeing Shae in Tywin’s bed was some reverse Downlow, R. Kelly shit.  I mean, we always knew she was a whore, but I thought that was more of an official title than a current lifestyle choice.  And to call Tywin your lion?  Ouch baby.  Very ouch.  Shae was looking goooood with all that makeup on as well.  Too bad Tyrion has to choke her ass out.  Killing her with a gold chain had to have some symbolic meaning to it, with it being Lannister gold and all, right?
  • I was also extremely confused after Tyrion left the bedroom.  I thought he was going back to the exit route that Jaime had told him about and Tywin was there waiting for him.  I didn’t realized Tywin was on the crapper until after the episode was over.  Obviously I am happy that Tywin got what was coming to him, but I am going to miss that actor and that character on this show immensely.  Dude was RUTHLESS.
  • Having Tywin get killed by his son on Father’s Day was the icing on the cake.  He clearly wasn’t worthy of any Best Dad Ever shirts after his last few seasons of parenting.  A few slow notes of The Rains of Castamere playing as Tywin died was pretty awesome as well.
  • How long until the Westerosi media starts comparing being named the Hand of the King to the Madden or Sports Illustrated jinx?  We have had four Hands since the show started.  Three have been murdered (Jon Arryn, Ned Stark, and Tywin Lanniser), while the aforementioned Tyrion Lannister was an inch away from having his entire face chopped off while he was The Hand.
  • So in the end, Varys helps save Tyrion and joins him on that boat headed for some mystery land.  It seems like it is Littlefinger vs. Varys behind the scenes at all times.  Littlefinger currently has the upper-hand after the latest dose of chaos, but I can’t wait to see what The Spider has in store for the realm next season.
  • Finally, Arya must be happy to be getting the HELL out of Westeros.  Nothing but pain and suffering for basically everyone she ever loved.  I hope she comes back and dominates in Season 5.
  • This has to be the busiest day for cable company operators, right?  Just a flood of people canceling their HBO subscriptions to avoid paying $20/month to see Big Momma’s House 2 on repeat.
  • Finally, yes, I am completely brokenhearted that I have to wait around another ten months until I get this glorious, glorious show back in my life.  Damn it, damn it all to hell.
  1. Wifey says:

    I live with you and know your wit but you get me every time!

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