Classic Youtube Tuesday: ESPN Greatest Sports Moments of the 20th Century

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Sports, Uncategorized, Youtube
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(Fast forward to 0:32 for the montage)

Try to watch this video without getting goosebumps.  You can’t.  My buddies and I used to turn this on when we were hammered and would do shots every time a clip gave us the chills.  Do I look back on those days ashamed?  Yes.  Ashamed I didn’t do it more.  God damn this video is perfect.

“Dream On” is the perfect song for this video.  I can’t imagine it with any other song.  ESPN is probably making montages of the “greatest moments” of Skip Bayless right now.  Where did everything go wrong in Bristol?

  1. 2r2d says:

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    Some great MLB moments! A must see for all sports fans.

  2. […] And for the record, the best sports music video of all-time can be seen here. […]

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