Josh Thole Explains In 40 Words Why The Mets Are Always Terrible

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Baseball, Mets, Sports, Uncategorized
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Newsday- “I was there from 2009 through 2012, and it was ‘wait till next year, wait till next year,’” said Thole. “The hardest thing in the baseball world, in my opinion, is to play in New York for the Mets. Everything is a story there.”

So if the last week of games didn’t make Mets fans depressed, our former Punch and Judy hitting catcher decided to rub some salt in the open wound that is Mets fandom.  And the worst part about it is that he is completely right.  The culture of losing has been accepted around here from ownership on down.  Which causes the Mets PR department to constantly be in damage control.  Which sometimes leads to that department to dig it’s own grave.  Which allows the media to prey on the team’s lifeless corpse which in turn creates a negative culture of losing from the fans up to ownership.  It is a vicious, vicious cycle that starts up top with the Wilpons.  The circus is in town 162 games per year and Thole must be thrilled to be out of it.

Now I admittedly believe we are on the right path, with our young pitching getting some time in the Bigs.  But there are still way too many needless distractions that have no place in a successful franchise.  Plus some of our signings haven’t worked out and the next few big moves will determine whether the Mets have a legit offense to compete in the National League.  But until that toxic atmosphere that Thole discusses is cleaned up, there will be no joy in Flushing.

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