Breaking Down The GIF Of The Bartolo Colon Double Like The Zapruder Film

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Baseball, Mets, Sports
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  •  First of all, look at that cut he takes.  Granted, it was 89 MPH in the heart of the plate, but still a legit rip down the line.
  • The ball rolling under the pictures of some of the most legendary hitters in baseball history on the outfield wall has some sort of understated meaning that I am not smart enough to comprehend.
  • Colon casually pulling into second as Big Mayo Matt Adams runs in back of him is equally incredible.  That may be the heaviest pitcher/fielder baserunning combination of all-time
  • And finally, the sneaky funniest part of this GIF.  The Mets bullpen going BANANAS and giving Big Fat Bartolo a standing ovation.  Baseball, still America’s past time, I guess.


  1. […] June Man Crush (Pitcher): Bartolo Colon.  If you don’t love Fat Bart after a month of quality starts and base hits, you my friend, are just a hater.  The aforementioned double was such a surprise, it inspired me to break it down like the Zapruder film. […]

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