Knicks Ship Out The Big Heart And Fat Ass Of Their Team (And I Like It)

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Basketball, Knicks, Uncategorized

I have to admit, I love this trade.  And yes, as a Knicks fan, that scares the living crap out of me.  Sure Tyson Chandler was the closest thing us Knicks fans had to the glory day style of the mid-90s.  Toughness, defense, and heart.  Plus his alley-oops and Tyson Tip Outs would fire up everyone in The Garden.  But he is getting old and has had more than a few injury problems recently and throughout his career.

Knicks Raymond Felton Part 2 years were like the sequels to The Hangover.  They seemed decent at first, but it devolved into a disaster QUICKLY    Getting Yosemite Ray off the books and off of the Gotham newspaper headlines can’t be seen as anything less than a huge win (unless you are a restaurant owner in New York City.  Then the trade of Felton is a disaster for you).

As for what the Knicks got back in the trade, Jose Calderon seems to be a legit point guard that can shoot, which will be extremely useful in the triangle.  Dalembert and Ellington are likely just trade fodder, as both have contracts that will expire after the season.  Where it gets interesting are the two draft picks and Shane Larkin.  While the #34 pick is nothing special, it can still be packaged with a player (Shumpert?) to move into the first round.

Shane Larkin is a player with potential that is signed to a good contract (think: the complete opposite of Raymond Felton).  If Larkin develops into anything better than a role player, this trade is a steal.  There are already rumors that the Knicks may be moving Larkin and Dalembert in a separate trade, but we will see what happens there.  Shane is also the son of Barry Larkin, so we can cue up the newer versions of the “Charlie Ward is the best QB in New York” jokes.

This was the first being roster move of the Phil Jackson era.  Whether this is all to make the Knicks appealing to Melo or to clear cap room for the Summer of 2015, I am 100% behind the moves and can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

PS- #NeverForget



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