Ranking The Top 5 NFL/NBA Merged Logos

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Basketball, Football, Sports, Uncategorized
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Cover1-500x251Brandon Hubschman at Daily Snark merged NFL and NBA logos for every team in the NFL and NBA. When a city only had one team, he merged them with a city in the other league with only one team. There were some pretty decent ones and some that just didn’t work. Here are my top 5 merged NBA and NFL logos:


Honorable Mention. Tennessee Titan Grizzlies:  Seeing a grizzly bear with flame coming out of it’s neck is intimidating as hell.  But it also looks like the bear is either a. beheaded, b. is flying like a rocket, c. a female bear with a pierced ear.  Also, I now notice that this bear looks like the bear from Altered Beast.  And while we are on topic, the dragon was the best animal from Altered Beast, and it isn’t even CLOSE.


5. New Orleans Saints: Pretty basic, but the New Orleans design, font, and fleur de lis makes it understatedly good.  I actually think this logo works much better for the Saints than it does the Pelicans.


4. San Diego Chargers:  Oddly enough I have always thought the Clippers logo sucked, but for some reason turning into a football just works.  If they made this powder blue and gold, it would probably be higher.


3. Miami Dolphins: The Miami Heat and Dolphins logos on their own each kind of suck.  But combined it makes a decent logo.  This is probably subconsciously pleasing due to the fact the Phins took away the ring from the old Dolphins logo.  But it still is easy to notice that’s not Snowflake.


2. Chicago Bearbulls: Is it a complete bastardization of the Bears logo?  Sure.  But A for effort and creativity.  


1.  Seattle Superhawks: Well that is number 1 with a bullet.  The Seahawks logo has been “meh” for a while, but the Supersonics logo an absolute classic, perhaps even better than the old school Hornets logo/color combination.  In fact, if Seattle doesn’t make this logo at least an alternate, this is a terrible, terrible loss for the sports world.  

Here are all the logos by division: Taylor AFC-NorthDS AFC-SouthDS AFC-WESTDS NFC-EAStt-DSNFC-North-DS NFC-EASTds NFC-West-DS


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