The Clem Report’s 2014 Mets June Review

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Baseball, Mets, Sports
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Best June Moment:  Bartolo Colon’s Double.  Duh.  A picture says a thousand words.  A video of Bartolo Colon’s double says a billion words.

Worst June Moment: The Eighth Inning On June 30th.  After a brutal month, Zack Wheeler threw a pseudo-gem in the Mets nightmare factory known as Turner Field, only for the defense and bullpen to blow the game.  An awful way to end an awful month.

June Man Crush (Position Player): Curtis Granderson.  The offense struggled for most of the month, but Grandy batted .300 and hit 5 bombs in June.  Despite the slow start, this is how the Grandyman rolls.  Sometimes he is hitting bombs, sometimes he is the worst player in baseball and strikes out every time.  If you can understand that, you will be fine with big Curt.

June Man Crush (Pitcher): Bartolo Colon.  If you don’t love Fat Bart after a month of quality starts and base hits, you my friend, are just a hater.  The aforementioned double was such a surprise, it inspired me to break it down like the Zapruder film.

Best June Headline:  “Juan Lagares Activated From Disabled List”.  If only because it meant that Bobby Abreu will not be an everyday outfielder defensively anytime soon, barring any further injuries.

June Confession:  I came into the month with legit hope, but the Cubs, Giants, and Braves series have done a number on my psyche.  I don’t think that this season will be like the last few seasons, but it sure as hell isn’t turning into the “treading .500 and watch the young pitching bloom in front of our eyes” type of season I envisioned either.  This could be the first year where I had legit expectations for the team that weren’t met since 2009.

Each Mets series broken down in GIF form:





















And a Gif to basically wrap up the entire month of June in one little animated picture.  From a potential flower to a destructive weed.  Ughhhhh.


25-Man Lightning Round:


Finally, here are my quick thoughts on the 25-man roster for June:

Bobby Abreu- Didn’t show his vintage bat in June, but showed his vintage awful fielding.  May be toast.

Vic Black- A guy in the middle-back of the pen that can strike people out?  Good with me.  I’d give Black every chance possible to succeed.  The Marlon Byrd signing was such a huge win for the Mets, I can only imagine the trade will work out just as well (please don’t wake me up from my dream).

Eric Campbell- Basically impossible not to love “Soup”.  Has played much better than I ever imagined he would, even if the power isn’t there yet.  Sounds like he may be a legit major league player.

Bartolo Colon- I haven’t loved a chubby person in New York this much since the first time I saw the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  Keep it up, Tolo!

Travis d’Arnaud- Got sent down to AAA in the beginning of June, but took over Las Vegas like he was Danny Ocean.  The team NEEDS d’Arnaud to come through this year, and considering just how little experience he has, the Mets can afford to give him every chance to prove himself.  If not, the name Kevin Plawecki will be rolling off Mets fans tongues.

Jacob deGrom- The advanced numbers said his good start in May was a bit of smoke and mirrors.  All of his June numbers backed up that claim, as the tricks disappeared and all that was left was an average pitcher with all-star hair.  But still very young with potential.

Lucas Duda- I am not sure if Big Dumb Lucas Duda had a good month or is developing into a real player, but I am willing to admit that he may be better than I thought he was.  Which considering the other offensive players the Mets have drafted, would be a HUGE W for once.

Josh Edgin- Not sure if he is becoming a reliable lefty out of the pen or not, but those are some pretty numbers to look at.  Unfortunately due for some regression.

Dana Eveland- Another lefty reliever apparently due for some regression.  As with all lefty relievers, their success is measured one lefty batter at a time.

Jeurys Familia- No idea how the Familia/Mejia closer battle will end, but love that both guys are pushing each other.  For some reason, the Mets play significantly worse defensively when Familia is pitching.

Gonzalez Germen- As meh as meh can be.

Curtis Granderson- The Mets best hitter in June.  Just the fact he was able to pull himself out of that April says a ton about him, after seeing what a start like that did to Jason Bay.  Granderson is a streaky hitter, but as long as the good streaks are still there, I’ll be very happy to have him on the team.

Juan Lagares- Still getting his legs under him after a DL stint.  Made a few bad defensive plays in the outfield, which is very rare for him.  Still gotta believe in Juanny Beisbol, though.

Daisuke Matsuzaka- Good for the occasional spot start, but current “worst pitcher on the staff to see starting for the Mets when you go to a game”.  Former winners of this award include Steve Trachsel, Oliver Perez, and Mike Pelfrey.

Jenrry Mejia- I love the swagger and the THOUGHT of him closing, but that’s about it.

Daniel Murphy- A legit professional hitter that continues to drive me nuts.  The sparkling average is very nice to see but it doesn’t offset the constant bonehead plays in the field and on the basepaths.  I also can’t remember the last time the Mets turned a successful 6-4-3 or 4-6-3 double play in a big spot.  Muy mal.

Jon Niese- 27-year old lefty that just throws a quality start every time out.  Not a star, but won’t need to be one if the rotation is as good as they are supposed to be.  Lots of good to be said for a solid lefty in his prime.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis-  Prove to me you belong up here, Kirk.

Anthony Recker- If d’Arnaud starts hitting in the bigs the way he did in Las Vegas, Recker will be perfectly suited in the backup catcher role.  Anything more than that is a real problem for him and the team.  Kevin Plawecki waits for no man.

Ruben Tejada- Ended the month on a nice little hitting streak, but still has mental lapses.  Tejada has at most three more months to prove himself.  Luckily for Rube, Stephen Drew is hitting well below the Mendoza line, keeping that narrative quiet from the non-believers.

Carlos Torres- They were the best of times, they were the worst of times.  Torres didn’t have the best June, but I think he will bounce back.  He was overused in the beginning of the year and just needed to get into the swing of things.  I think his numbers will be OK by the end of the season and will be a consistent piece for the Mets in the bullpen.

Zack Wheeler- The Jekyll and Hyde of the Mets rotation thus far, Wheeler alternated between gems and garbage throughout the entire month.  All in all, he is simply going through the typical growing pains for a young starting pitcher.  At least there has been a fair amount of good to go with the bad.  Just a matter of learning how to pitch.

David Wright- Not The Captain’s best month, which is fine.  His shoulder being dinged up is real red flag however.  If he comes back with a clean bill of health, he should be due to carry the offense for a few weeks in classic D-Wright style.

Chris Young- I am not sure why Sandy didn’t cut Young before the Oakland series, but if CY didn’t unload those three home runs, he would already be a distant memory for us Mets fans.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see him off the team by the All Star break, which would be a rare admitted mistake by the Wilpons.

Eric Young Jr.- Is either Clark Kent or Superman for week stretches at a time.  I honestly don’t know what to make of this guy, anymore.  But I don’t think he is a longterm solution in the outfield.

  1. valeriekeefe says:

    “I also can’t remember the last time the Mets turned a successful 6-4-3 or 4-6-3 double play. Muy mal.”

    Last I checked we were leading the league in DP/game…

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