Are These The Best Socks Of All-Time? This Is One Of Those Rhetorical Questions

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Basketball, Knicks, Sports, Uncategorized
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John Starks and The Oakman on a pair of socks?  Whoever came up with this pair of hoses just redefined the sock game forever.  I only rock sandals in the summer, but this beautiful piece of clothing has me rethinking all of my wardrobe choices now.

The only way these socks are not the greatest things ever created is if Rob Kardashian made them.  But the Kardashians are more about having basketball players inside them than being inside basketball players.

Purchase these socks on Stance Socks.

PS- If they made and marketed a sweatband with a picture of a dripping Patrick Ewing, the creators could print their own money.

h/t Z-Man for this gem


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