In One Tweet, Adrian Peterson Perfectly Sums Up How 90% Of America Feels About The Cavs

Posted: July 13, 2014 in Basketball, Sports, Uncategorized
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I think we all adopted the Cavs as our second favorite team when they drafted LeBron.  The minute your team was eliminated from playoff contention, you wanted to see Bron Bron take down the Celtics and go for a ring.  Unfortunately, LeBron went heel on all of us by signing with the Heat, but now we have a clean slate again.

However, the real question for AP is this: Did he become a Heat fan when LeBron went to Miami?  If so, we have issues that we need to iron out.  Because then it means that Peterson is one of THOSE guys.  You know, the “fan” that will clown your team for losing while he just jumps to whatever team has the best player in the world.

How do these people even exist?  As a Knicks fan in the 90s, I had to grow up hearing taunts from Bulls fans left and right. Once Jordan retired, those fans went radio silent until LeBron joined the Heat. Then they reappeared like cicadas, chirping about how awful the Knicks are (usually true) and how people have no right to hate the Heat (definitely not true). I think these people are the worst fans in the world. If you want to be one of these fans, please do 2 things:

1. Keep your opinions to yourself.
2. Never reproduce.



PS- Bad job by Peterson using LJ for LeBron. LJ is Larry Johnson, the basketball player. Not LeBron James, not Larry Johnson the football player. Larry Johnson AKA Grandmama AKA Mr. 4 Point Play. Just like LT is Lawrence Taylor AKA the greatest football player of all-time AKA the greatest cocaine user of all-time AKA 2-time Super Bowl champion. Not LaDanian Tomlinson, the guy who won you a few fantasy football titles. Let’s get more original with nicknames to clear up the confusion.


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