Cavs Willing To Trade Andrew Wiggins For Kevin Love. Cleveland Fans Trying To Figure Out How Their Hearts Will Be Broken This Time

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Basketball, Sports, Uncategorized
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jea 0101 wild heat

I am not sure if quoting your own Tweet is against the internet’s unwritten rules or what, but if you don’t think that this is actually in the realm of possibilities, then you haven’t been paying attention to the sports history of Cleveland for the last 60 years.  It would just be so Cleveland to trade a rookie for an established superstar, so you could pair him with the best player in the world and somehow have it all turn to shit.  If Cleveland makes this trade, I may bet on Wiggins to win rookie of the year that night.  Mortal lock of the century.

But if by some chance God does not smite Cleveland, these two playing together will be basketball porn for fans.  Two of the best passing big men of this generation on the same team?  Incredible.  Love getting rebounds and throwing outlet passes to LeBron chugging like a runaway train will lead to countless ESPN Top 10 plays.  Man, it’s nice to like LeBron again.

PS- This should be Cleveland’s official motto.


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