The Last Month Of NBA Mayhem In One Handy (And Gigantic) Infographic

Posted: July 20, 2014 in Basketball, Sports
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From SI.comClick to enlarge and zoom in

Most infographics are way too much for my brain to take in at once, and if we are being honest, this one is no different.  But I think it is funny to see why ESPN covered this story like it was the Kennedy assassination for the last month or so.  Teams bent over backwards (and forwards in some cases), made moves they would never have made, and put all other transactions on hold just because the best player on the planet was available and there was at least a 1% chance he would go to their team.

It got so crazy that some people actually listened to what Chris Broussard had to say on the matter, despite the fact that everyone hates him more than any ESPN personality not named Skip Bayless.  All I ask is that LeBron doesn’t pull this shit again anytime soon.  Unless he goes to the Knicks, then sign me up for 2+ years of rumor mining and trying to connect the dots.

PS- If I have to hear that Daryl Morey won this offseason despite the fact he lost Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons, and a first round pick to end up with Trevor Ariza as his LeBron/Melo/Bosh consolation prize, I am just going to snap.


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