Video of Elementary School Kid Flopping Proves The Terrorists Have Won

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Basketball, Sports
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Can you really get mad at the 10 year old in the video?  He is only doing what he sees on TV and what his coaches tell him to do.  Now that the World Cup is over and LeBron is in Cleveland, it is time for the healing to begin.  And by healing, I mean the end of the flopping revolution in America.

The 6’9″, 260 lb. freak that is also the best basketball player in the world needs to stop taking charges from point guards now that he is out of the metrosexual capital of the US.  All the willy nilly crap from soccer will naturally disappear here for the next four years.  We need less Manu Ginobili and more Charles Oakley.  This is America, the land of fake tits and deep frying everything.  Start acting like it!



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