How Do You Make A Video Of Every Robert Quinn Sack In 2013 Better? Set It To YMCA. Duh

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Football, Sports
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*Found out about this through Bill Barnwell’s awesome NFL Player Trade Value column (part 2).

First things first, Robert Quinn is a BEAST.  When you see the speed, power, and agility he has, you wonder how someone that athletic even exists on this planet.

But the video goes from good to great simply by the song playing in the background.  If you didn’t laugh at least three times by the absurd combination of the two, your funny bone is fractured.

Also, great call by this Youtube commenter.  Sam is Quinn’s teammate on the Rams and playing Village People to highlights of the league’s first openly gay player makes a lot more sense, even though it still MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.



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