Dmitri Young Looks A Hundred Times Healthier Yet Infiniti Times Less Awesome Today

Posted: July 26, 2014 in Baseball, Sports, Uncategorized
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For The Win- Dmitri Young spent 13 years in the major leagues and was named to two All-Star teams, but you probably won’t recognize him anymore. Young, who retired in 2010 and turned 40 last October, went to the Nationals-Reds game in Cincinnati Friday. According to MLB, Young was the third heaviest player to ever play in the majors with a listed weight of 295, but he’s lost well over 100 pounds. 

It looks like Da Big Meathook has become Da Big Saladhook.  While it is absolutely awesome that Young has gotten healthier, you can’t tell me that he wasn’t THE MAN as Big, Fat Jolly Dmitri Young.  How could a jerk like Delmon Young be from the same womb as this guy?  Mind boggling.

Also, how great do you have to be at life to have a cartoon logo of yourself on a hat?  God I wish Da Meathook was a member of the Mets at some point in his prime.  That dude ruled.


h/t @LowBallJ


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