Introducing Angelo Ardito: The OG Of Adult Video Clerks

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Crazy News, Uncategorized
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NBC Oregon- Neighbors are angry over the way a Southeast Portland adult video store is advertising its business, believing it is way too visible to children.  “It’s a store that is basically advertising obscene and explicit content and it’s (inside a building that is) labeled a family book store,” said Matt McComas, who lives in the Brooklyn neighborhood with his wife and two young kids.

But above the window case is a poster advertising B-A Video, and explicitly listing the types of hardcore pornography it offers.  “The fact that there’s a children’s book in the front window and then a flier above it that’s advertising bestiality…they do not go in the same building,” said mother Jody McComas.

The owner of B-A Video disagreed.  “It’s my right for me to sell what’s legal,” said Angelo Ardito, who said he’s been selling porn in Portland for 38 years.  Asked what he thought about the possibility of a child seeing the word “bestiality” on his poster, Ardito replied, “They’ve got to learn sometime, you know?”

Wait, so kids don’t learn their ABCs by reading about Amateurs, Beastiality, and Compilations?  Have we gotten that soft as a country?  This is why the world is passing us by in education.

You may be creeped out by Ardito, but you have, have, HAVE to respect his swagger game.  The unbuttoned shirt and unkempt appearance say “I don’t care about the rules”, but the folded hands and walking stick say “I am a classy porn magnate at heart”.  In fact, you can probably buy a “Creepy Adult Video Store Owner” costume from Ricky’s around halloween time and that is the exact outfit.  And this is just a hunch, but I guarantee he doesn’t need that stick for walking.  He probably just loves having something weird as an accessory like the Penguin and his umbrella.  That’s some legit super-villain shit right there.

As for the offense at hand, I guess hanging naked pictures in the window of a public store could be seen as poor taste.  Then again, you can see almost the same exact stuff if you are watching Telemundo at 11 am on a weekday.  Honestly, what’s the big deal with seeing a little nipple?  Angelo Ardito, American Hero*

*Just kidding, I can smell this guy from New York.  Angelo Ardito, American Scuzzball.


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