Map Showing Most Hated NBA Teams By State And By Continent Is Fannnnntastic

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My faith in the ol’ US of A and humanity in general has been restored after seeing these maps.  If you don’t hate the Lakers and the Heat, then I hate you.  Plain and simple.

This basically comes down to trying to figure out why certain states don’t hate the Lakers or Heat the most.  Grizzlies fans hate the Clippers because of the 2012 and 2013 playoff match-ups.  Washington hates the Thunder because they ripped the SuperSonics and Kevin Durant out of Seattle’s loving arms.  Milwaukee has a little brother syndrome with Chicago due to proximity and size issues, so that all makes perfect sense.


And then we get to Delaware and their hatred of the Cavs.  I bet you didn’t even notice that Delaware was on the map until I said this.  They are either ride or die on #TeamDelonteAndGloria or never got the memo that we all love LeBron again. Hey Delaware, keep up nerds!  This is why no one respects you guys.


Now the world map is where it gets weird/fun.

1. All of Canada hates the Nets because either:

A. They beat the Raptors in the playoffs this year.

B. Canadians hate hipsters more than anyone else in the world.  This actually is 100% true, regardless of Canada’s opinion of the Nets.

C. Canada feels a kinship to New Jersey always being in the shadow of the significantly better New York/USA (this is probably also true).

D. They smelled out Kevin Garnett’s fake tough-guy image and would love to put down their Labatts long enough to kick his ass.

2. What did the Thunder ever do to Africa?  They have a star from the Congo and the most likable superstar on the planet.  I will just tell myself that Africa hates the lame Thunder fans.  Then again, there is no doubt in my mind that hundreds of OKC fans fall victim to the Nigerian Prince scam every month.

3. Asia hates the Rockets because they traded away Jeremy Lin, ruined Yao Ming’s career, and dislike Dwight Howard just as much as the rest of us.  That one was easy as pie.

4. Europe hating the Heat is actually kind of shocking.  I picture Heat fans and Europeans as mirror images of each other.  Douchey, slicked hair, cigarette smoking jerkoffs who go to the club immediately after the games are over.

5. Australia hating the Lakers means one thing.  There are a few Lakers fans that live in Australia that are just as insufferable as the Lakers fans that live in America.

6. South America hates the Heat because they hate the city of Miami AKA the cocaine capital of the world.  If your city helps fund the cartels that rule over an entire continent, you will be hated by said continent.  No two ways about it.

h/t Greg T.D. for the link

  1. […] When it comes to Canada, I am at a loss.  Hating the Giants makes little to no sense to me.  They are the only team that can foil Old Man Belichick whenever he makes it to the Super Bowl.  They have a dumb and lovable affable dumber quarterback that is an easy punchline.  Or maybe it’s the hipsters.  Yeah, it’s definitely the hipsters. […]

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