A Quick Breakdown Of The “NFL Most Hated Teams” Map

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Football, Sports
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First of all, the residents of Wyoming are all cowards.  How do you not have hatred for either the Patriots, Cowboys, 49ers, or some other random team?  If you live in a flyover state, you must have strong, irrational, hate-filled opinions about everything.  It’s in the Constitution.  Unacceptable.

Next up, look at the Dakotas just putting Minnesota on blast.  If being a Vikings fan wasn’t enough of a punch in the dick every morning, your neighbors to the west without a football team just randomly choose to hate you.

All of the other states make sense based on different rivalries.  I wish Arizona hated the Steelers because Ben Roethlisberger was a rage filled monster when he was younger.  But it probably has slightly more to do with that last minute touchdown he threw against the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

And finally, hats off to the fans of the Broncos and the Chiefs for continuing to hate the Raiders despite their streak of sucking for more than a decade.  You have to be a pretty rotten franchise to ingrain that type of hatred into a group of fans.  Or you just have the weirdest looking owner in pro sports.



At first I couldn’t wrap my head around why Europe hated the Ravens so much.  But then I remembered how much Europe hates the whole “unchecked aggression” thing after two World Wars.  So having two of your best players in franchise history being accused of a murder and an assault against a woman probably doesn’t go over too well across the pond.

When it comes to Canada, I am at a loss.  Hating the Giants makes little to no sense to me.  They are the only team that can foil Old Man Belichick whenever he makes it to the Super Bowl.  They have a dumb and lovable affable dumber quarterback that is an easy punchline.  Or maybe it’s the hipsters.  Yeah, it’s definitely the hipsters.

As for the rest of the world, there aren’t that many surprises.  Hating the Patriots, Cowboys, and 49ers makes sense because they are the biggest names in the league.  Patriots fans sound the way Cowboys and 49ers fans did 10 years ago.  A whole lot of talk about the glory days and their rings, when the fact is they haven’t won anything in a long time.  There are kids that are in college that never saw a 49ers or Cowboys championship.  You gotta stop talking about it.  It’s like the Sopranos.  IT’S OVER.

  1. QBALL says:

    Easy on the Patriot fans braaahhhh

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