Newest Million Dollar Restaurant Idea: Mozzarella Stick Madness

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Food, Uncategorized
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Close your eyes for a second and think of a chain restaurant that is built around a traditional appetizer food.  Is it hard to imagine?  It shouldn’t be.  That’s exactly what Buffalo Wild Wings is, and they are basically printing money right now.  Chicken wings are fantastic, but we all know that the mozzarella stick is the true king in the appetizer game.

A plain chicken wing is bland and boring.  But when you add sauce to the wing, people come back for more.  Well we can do the same thing with the mozzarella stick.  Restaurants have traditionally served marinara sauce with mozzarella sticks, but you can also mix in some Ranch dressing, raspberry sauce, bleu cheese, or newly created sauces.

You want to get crazy?  We can even change up the breadings and cheeses.  7-Eleven already has the Doritos Loaded with cheddar filling wrapped in Doritos crumbs.  I am sure we can get some great dinner and dessert combos.  Maybe some meat in with the cheese?  Million dollar ideas are just flowing onto this keyboard right now, so I’ll leave it at that for now.  We can work on the name in the future.  Blank checks can be mailed to the Clem Report Headquarters.

PS- Everyone knows that the best mozzarella sticks are the round ones that look to have breadcrumbs on them.  The square, battered sticks are an embarrassment to the mozzarella stick name.



  1. lowballj says:

    This is worth a read. Basically this girl attempted to eat as many TGIF mozz sticks as possible.

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