The Friday Morning Run-It-Back: All You Need To Know About Last Night’s Preseason Games

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Football, Monday Morning Run It Back, Sports
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Well it may not be FOOTBALL, but the football season has started once again.  I will be doing these breakdowns every Monday to recap the glory that occurred on Sundays during the regular season.  Since this is preseason for bloggers as well, you guys get some blogs as I work out the kinks in everything.  Onto the games.

Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets

Was this Michael Vick 15-yard run in week 1 of the preseason the most exciting offensive play in the Jets history?  *Looks at notes*.  Yup.

Well, I’m glad Chris Rainey was able to finally shed some light on his mysterious release from the Colts.  It was The RainMan in the hallway with the fire extinguisher (even tho Boom was apparently horsing around as well).  However, there is still no word on Professor Plum’s whereabouts.e69zrk5xscu1ljidajnq

How about you guys take a break from the whole “jersey buying” thing and just get a plain Jets shirt next time?

It looks like the “already in midseason form” jokes are already in midseason form.


Griff Whalen found out that Ellis Lankster doesn’t know it’s a preseason game, he thinks it’s a damn fight!


Highlights link because the NFL is too cheap/shrewd to allow anyone to embed their videos: Jets-13 Colts-10

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The worst looking game on the schedule actually wasn’t so bad.  First we had De’Anthony Thomas giving everyone Dante Hall flashbacks.

Then Matt Scott had a heartwarming tribute to new NFL announcer Donovan McNabb.

The new queen of the NFL, Kacie McDonnell, was there to cheer on her fiance.

Andy Reid was just being Andy Reid

And there were 80 points scored.  See?  Even bad preseason football can be good.

Highlights link because the NFL is too cheap/shrewd to allow anyone to embed their videos: Chiefs-41 Bengals-39

New England Patriots vs. Washington Redskins

RG III getting deep on us to start out the year.



How many preseason games has Darrelle Revis actually suited up for in his career?  He is already counting the days until his 2015 holdout and avoid this nonsense.

revis is not amused

Meanwhile, Kanorris Davis took quite a slightly different approach to the game.


That looks more uncomfortable than the back of a Volkswagen.


Highlights link because the NFL is too cheap/shrewd to allow anyone to embed their videos: Redskins-23 Patriots-6

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Ravens fans are just trolling us now, right?

Steve Smith putting “Smith Sr.” on the back of his jersey is the most Steve Smith thing ever.


There is something new this year when a team makes it to the 20 yard-line.  I can’t quite put my finger on what the difference is, though.



We call this good, old-fashioned big brother strength.  Jim should feel lucky John didn’t beat him up using his own hands.


Highlights link because the NFL is too cheap/shrewd to allow anyone to embed their videos: Ravens-23 49ers-3

Dallas Cowboys vs. San Diego Chargers

ARODIZZLE23.  So hot right now.

photo 1

Boom, roasted #90sLife

photo 3

Yes ma’am, you can cross me off the list.  Just keep ARODIZZLE23 away from her. #ChargedUp

photo 2

Death, taxes, and Ryan Mathews fumbles.  And no, I’m not fucking kidding, Delivery Dan.

Charger Mysterio Jr. reacts the way any masked fan would.  An especially strong move wearing the autographed Tomlinson jersey.  He is the hero we deserve, but not the hero we need right now.




“Good thing Dallas fans and the media are rational about the Cowboys.  I won’t have to read about my job security after the first interception I throw.”


“Oh yeah, that’s right.  Fuck.”


You know when you are just sitting there watching TV and then you see something that makes you laugh out loud for 30 seconds straight?  Well that’s what happened when I saw this picture.


Look good, feel good.  Feel good, play good.  Play good, make the team.  Or be confused for Brian Wilson by people quickly scrolling through Instagram.  Whatevs.

photo 4

8-8, here we come!!!!*


*Absolute BEST case scenario

Highlights link because the NFL is too cheap/shrewd to allow anyone to embed their videos: Chargers-27  Cowboys-7

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos

Things are looking good in Denver.

Nice to see Aqib Talib trying to end his own season before it even starts.  Right out of the form tackling manual.

aqib talib injured shoulder

This wasn’t from the game, but good job to whoever made it.


DeMarcus Ware with his first of likely many sacks in a Broncos uniform.  Or as I call it “Hahahhahahaha, thanks for cutting him, Jerry”!

ware sacks RW

Nailed it.

And the Broncos pulled out a close W, avenging last year’s Super Bowl defeat.


Highlights link because the NFL is too cheap/shrewd to allow anyone to embed their videos: Broncos- 21 Seahawks- 16

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