I Hate The Idea Of Fauxback Jerseys But LOVE The Actual Execution Of Fauxback Jerseys

Posted: August 11, 2014 in Baseball, Sports
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What do you do if you are a historically bankrupt baseball team in a time when throwback nostalgia sells like sex?  Simple, sell fauxbacks!  The idea of having fake throwbacks makes me want to vomit, but these jerseys are just…so…beautiful.

The logo and color scheme screams 60s free love.  Can you imagine the shit that went on back then?  Freakmode 24/7/365.  And the Zim patch on the arm?  Incredible.  He was already a 50 year veteran of the game back then.  I want to hate these jerseys, but I just can’t.  I am a complete sucker for the retro Astros unis and if you don’t think that the old Brewers logo is the king of sports logos, you are a true sour puss.


The first time I realized that there was a hidden “M” and B” in that logo, I had headaches for weeks.  A brain implosion is no laughing matter.

So Tampa, you have my blessing to proceed with the fauxbacks.  The yellow sleeved jerseys are significantly better than the blue sleeved jerseys, but nonetheless you get an A for effort.  Powder blue remains undefeated in the jersey game.

Rating: Yellow sleeves= 8.75/10.  Blue sleeves= 7.6/10.  Joe Maddon’s glasses swagger= 1,000,000/10

h/t Ballow


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