So Someone Hacked The Yahoo News Twitter Account And Scared The Shit Out Of Everyone In America. HILARIOUS, Right?

Posted: August 11, 2014 in Crazy News
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Classic case of someone using their powers for evil instead of good.  I love a good hack job that makes the suits sweat through their, well, suits.  But this is just mean.  If the dirty dirty didn’t have enough heart break with Bryce Harper stomping on their beloved A, this guy had to throw the whole city into hysterics.

Tell me that there is an outbreak of diarrhea in Atlanta.  Who doesn’t love a good diarrhea joke?  Or maybe the old Yahoo’s refrigerator is running, we have to go catch it.  Nope, that won’t cut it.  Need to create a little mass hysteria with an ebola outbreak tweet.  If that tweet had said 145 people in New York had ebola, I would have packed my car up and hightailed it to Alaska.  To each their own, I suppose.



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